View Full Version : Any New/Additional ACU CO-OP missions?

11-16-2014, 03:06 AM
I know that Unity has a story based DLC coming out. But I was wondering if they are going to add more co-op missions since I don't think 11missions is really enough to keep a game alive for multiplayer very long.(not that the co-op is that great of a feature in my opinion)

But there's still a lot of history to work with for a DLC expansion pack(kind of like COD does map packs to keep their MP interesting). But there's all kinds of cool events not covered in ACU that can be added for co-op or even extra Paris stories. The Champs de Mars massacre, Napoleon's defense of the National Assembly, The King and Queen's flight to Varennes, The Massacre of the Swiss Guard, Napoleon's Coup, The royalist revolt in Vendee, The siege of Toulon. These would all make for great additions to the game I think. Would give more content to keep the MP going. And would provide some really cool events from the French Revolution that were left out of the games main story.

So what do you think?