View Full Version : Why is your crew useless?

11-16-2014, 12:05 AM
In both AC black flag and rogue your crew is useless all they are good for is being a meatshield. I hoped they be replaced with the AC recruits but that did not happen....But why cant they even kill? what useless pirates or crew members are they? I am a assassin...Dont I show them anything to help me aid my cause? they keep shoting 10 shots on the same guy and hits btw.....I counted several times. and they still cant kill anyone.

If your gonna give me a crew at least make them do something! I rather they arent there than them being there and cant do anything.

Every game that has NPCs that is suppost to "help" you and dont do anything I hate...It ruins the entire game,,,,And I love the AC games. I thought you learned this in AC 2 then your allies (mercs theifs friendly Assassins) did stuff....so why have you made it so your so called "allies" cant do anything anymore? if you dont want them to do anything REMOVE THEM!