View Full Version : Try FXAA, it basically solved my FPS issues

11-15-2014, 09:25 PM
After some suggestions, i tried FXAA instead of 4X MSAA and it actually gave me a solid 60FPS with V-Sync enabled, with just occasional small stutter from time to time.
I strongly suggest to use it for anyone that is experiencing Framerate drops.
I know that FXAA is basically the poor man's antialiasing, yet in this particular game i didn't notice any visibile blurring so far, so it's probably alright to use it.
It still isn't an excuse for the game being poorly optimized, since with my high-end pc i shouldn't have issues using MSAA, and i still hope they patch it, removing the stuttering issues and making MSAA viable, but at the moment FXAA is realistically our best shot at enjoying the game without sacrificing too much.
If you still have issues with FXAA and don't mind tearing, disable V-Sync as well.

11-15-2014, 09:33 PM
stfu ****ing elitists we are trying to play with steady 10 fps here while you complain about your 50 fps

11-15-2014, 10:05 PM
stfu ****ing elitists we are trying to play with steady 10 fps here while you complain about your 50 fps

I hope you are just making bad attempts at trolling and you aren't serious, because otherwise, man, you should go see a doctor for those issues. Really.
Nobody is denying the game is an unoptimized mess. The fact that a high-end rig like mine has FPS issues means that obviously, any medium or low configuration would suffer from even stronger issues. My pc wasn't dropping to 50 FPS, but to 32-33 FPS with 4XMSAA and V-Sync off, which means it basically stuttered and had lag spikes like if i was playing it in the middle of an earthquake, making it basically unplayable. My main concern is playability, not raw FPS; I wouldn't mind at all if the game would have ran at 30 FPS CONSTANTLY, whitout st-st-st-stuttering.
My suggestion should help with lesser performing hardware as well. Yet, it's pretty obvious that if you can't handle AT ALL the game even by using minimum options, it just means your pc is outdated or has some problems.