View Full Version : Game Breaking Glitch found. Lost all my equipment and rank.

11-15-2014, 09:06 PM
I played for hours trying to get Legendary and Master equipment by playing Co-op games. Then during one of the co-op games, I encountered a glitch so I thought "Okay, this is fine, I'll just quit the mission and go back to single player". So I do that, and guess what? Arno is wearing the basic assassin outfit that he got in the beginning of the game.

I had all upgraded equipment... so I thought this was strange. Then I looked at the equipment menu and found that all the equipment that I was wearing before were now locked. So thanks, I just wasted like 10 hours of gameplay. Now I don't even want to go back to it again. Waste of time. I have no interest in playing AC anymore because of this glitch.

I lost my equipment, lost my rank, and I can't join co-op sessions anymore. Thought they fixed all this in the patch? Guess not.
Just wanted to post this to let you guys know... hopefully, it gets fixed but I highly doubt that i will get my equipment and rank back.

Oh well, gonna move on to another game. It's a shame too since I'm only on sequence 5 and just spent hours playing co-op and exploring the cities.