View Full Version : (PS4) Hellp with a Cockade

11-15-2014, 08:53 PM
In the Tuileries, next to the Palais des Tuileries, there is an underground cockade that sits in between 2 underground entrances. However, I can not get to it using either entrance. The closest I get is on the wrong side of the iron bars it sits next to. Any help would be appreciated.

11-15-2014, 09:31 PM
i need help with that one too

11-16-2014, 04:31 AM
Yeah I was having trouble with that too, it opens up after sequence 8 memory 1.

11-16-2014, 07:05 AM
I'm on sequence 10 memory 1 and I can't get to it. Can get everywhere else around it though

11-16-2014, 08:58 PM
You have to go through a hole in a wall, which gets blown out in a mission with Napoleon.

11-17-2014, 04:48 AM
If you want it early just join someone else's world, who has the passage unlocked. That's how I got that on sequence 5.