View Full Version : All settings on Ultra High and TXAA on works!

11-15-2014, 07:03 PM
Well I managed to make a few quick videos this morning using ShadowPlay. Unfortunately the first video I made didn't include the FPS counter in ShadowPlay (even though I could see it ShadowPlay didn't include it on the recording), so I had to make another two using the FPS counter from FRAPS and recorded again using ShadowPlay.

All the settings are on full and I show that at the beginning of each video.

There are three in total. I apologise now as I am not an expert gamer - as these videos will show!


I'm getting around 30-45 FPS now I'm in Paris when in crowded areas, about 50-55 FPS on the rooftops, and 55-60 FPS inside.