View Full Version : How to connect with my friend to play co-op? im having a bug, arent i?

11-15-2014, 06:24 PM

i am at sequence 5 and my friend is at sequence 3.
we want to play ACU together and havent gotten to trying it yet. we are not sure how to do it.
so either it's very convoluted, or buggy.

when he is trying to invite me than he sees a couple of names of players he got to play with in the past but he doesnt see ME.

on the other hand in MY game i either see the "invite friends" grayed out or if it isnt grayed out than when i press it there is a "please wait" screen that lasts forever and nothing happens.

also if i try and chose "play coop now" i see a timer that counts up forever. i never join.

if my friend manages to invite me to a game than I get a message "couldnt join game. try again later".

how can this be resolved?