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11-15-2014, 02:30 PM
So all the glitches and bugs aside, of course this game has lots of problems that break immersion and need to be patched but Im talking about core mechanics, cool stuff that got removed from previous games, this game became SIMPLE.
you know what excited me in the first assassins creed? its exploring the first time, man I remember when I first got on my horse, after some riding, just behind the mountain, you get to see Jerusalem for the first time, I miss that. Exploring the unknown, entering an awesome place for the first time, thats what we need. ACIV implemented it differently but its got its naval combat catch. Now Im gonna list the things I personally loved in the previous games which attracted me playing.
*Again as ACIV did it with ships, previous games did it with horses, Traveling was more fun, Im not sure where its gone but I think we need it back.
*Upgrading in the menu? seriously? Ill be completely honest, As soon as the introduced the upgrading in game, I literally wanted to quit, while it might be a drastic decision, who in the right mind thought of that idea? Its immersion breaking, it feels cheap, one thing I loved in the previous game is going to shops and upgrading your stuff, this design is just lazy imo.
*Skills... another awesomely stupid idea. You cant for so much games give us all those tools for fighting and then just completely replace it with a boring progression system. What would be acceptable for me is if you would actually gain those skills learning and trainning, some grand white bearded master would teach you the ways of kong fu, fine but again, replacing it with a such a simple idea, not to mention the main protagonist, what ever his name is knows all those assassins tricks from thin air.
*The combat is meh. While being more realistic, I cant feel myself being any special. Connor at least had his awesome Tomhawk dance moves, Arno on the other hand, no more words needed, you know the answer yourself.
*Crafting is gone. The hunting idea was fun to be honest, using animals for our dirty deeds, I love survival games, thats an aspect I always welcome but its gone now.
And really I can go on, the main protagonist is meh yet again, A lot of sense of accomplishment and direction is gone, I was pretty much roaming Paris with not much interest to explore the city, sure some of reasons are technical issues which are so popular right now among our fellow community, previous games tried to immersive you with the league of assassins, sending them on missions, which again I think added to the atmosphere, while a lot of the previous mechanics needed more work, the had a bright future.
I want to be come a real assassins, I want my master Splinter to kick my *** off so Ill become Sam fisher, I want to learn about the tactics behind the ancient assassin organization. I want to see the character progression from being a sissy, to becoming a real mother fu-peep assassin.
I just feel this game became so casual its not even funny and took a big step backwards.
Now Im really interested to hear what you guys think, because so far, I just cant seem to enjoy the game.

11-15-2014, 03:05 PM
I'm still playing through it, trying to maintain an optimistic attitude. That's probably because I've yet to run into all these glitches and frame rate issues everyone's talking (I'm on PS4). I'd say Unity is two steps forward but one (unnecessary) step backward. They've taken out some of the things that worked really well for the recent previous titles. No more ships? That's understandable, we're in a landlocked city. No more hunting/crafting, a little less understandable. Again, we're in one huge industrial city, but at the same time, that was one of the ideas that worked very well for Rogue, Black Flag and 3, that most players thoroughly enjoyed. Was it replaced by anything, let alone something better? No. Then I come to the point you made - the handling of upgrades and progression from the main menu is very immersion breaking. Now, here's one of the big things that bother me: what they did to the combat system. Now, I appreciate the fact that they have made it more difficult and removed killchains, because I think killchains made the game ridiculously easy and were very unrealistic as well. However, I don't think they had to take counter kills out. I think you should still be able to counter kill one enemy if their health is very low. But, what frustrates me is that we can't fight with the hidden blade or unarmed anymore. Sure we have more choices for a primary, but with that one step forward there's this step backward. Remember back in the days of Brotherhood when we could fight with a sword, dagger, unarmed, hidden blades, or disarm the enemies and use their axes, maces, great swords, and pole arms against them? Those were the days. Because if you ever got bored of one fighting style, (because the same animations kept playing or whatever) you could easily switch to one of many others. It kept the game interesting. And then there's stealth. The crouch system is decent, but I really wish they had an option to choose between holding the button and toggling it, because I would really prefer the latter. There's no more stalking zones now. Again, we're in a city, but have they been replaced by anything equal or better? No. Next, why the hell did they take out whistling? I think people can agree that whistling was a very useful and realistic addition to stealth in the game.

I'm sure I can think of more after I go back and play the game. But right now, until or unless I run into the glitches and frame rate drops, I hold that Unity is two steps forward and one step backward.

One a side note: are the glitches and frame rate the result of a poorly tested games, or is it because of the technology of the consoles, because I remember when this game was supposed to run on 60 FPS at 1080p, but couldn't due to "tech limitations".

11-15-2014, 03:36 PM
Crouching can be toggled. It has both options at the same time. If you tap the button once, you'll crouch. Tap it again to stand up. If you keep holding the button, you'll stand up once you release it.

Pr0metheus 1962
11-15-2014, 03:46 PM
I agree with all the OP's points. It seems they took the easy route in terms of just about everything in this game. None of the progression or upgrades make any sense. There's no training to get skills, and you don't have to go to shops to buy stuff. Then there's the broken stealth system, which was broken so badly that they actually had to disable some of it (the move to cover part) in one of the early patches. Most of the features that worked well in previous games simply didn't make it into Unity, and all they really could fit in are "climb and find" missions and "kill guards and assassinate target" missions - and they put a whole LOT of them in, because they're easy to code (plonk a bad guy here, another here, target here, collectible here, etc.). Sure, this is the core of the game system, but that's all it is, and without the other stuff, it just gets boring.

The lack of depth in all aspects of gameplay says to me that the developers were forced to get this game out "cheap and nasty" because Ubisoft wanted their 2014 profits to look good for investors. Well, it's backfired on them, and since the release, Ubisoft has lost millions of dollars on Wall Street. Somehow I think some Ubisoft executives are going to be looking for work in 2015. Sadly, it's probably not going to be the executives that are truly responsible, because I'm sure the top brass at Ubisoft are all playing a very nasty game of "cover your a$$" and "pass the buck" right now. I very much doubt any of the top executives have learned a lesson from this, unless it's a lesson in avoiding responsibility.

And it's such a shame, because they got the setting perfect - in chess parlance, their opening was flawless (the city looks perfect), then they got distracted and botched the midgame (by cutting corners with the gameplay), and the endgame was an embarrassment (customers feel betrayed and Ubisoft loses stock value).

11-15-2014, 04:43 PM
My biggest disappointment comes from the combat changes. No longer do I have a empty hand, dagger, sword, and hidden blade, along with various ranged weapons. I have a main, ranged and hidden. I feel like there is a decided lack of animations and options for kills now. I can't fight empty handed or with the hidden blade, and no weapons other than the hidden blade can be used for assassinating anymore. This altogether feels like a poorer effort than previous assassin's creed games. They want you to think there are a bunch of weapons but there are really a bunch of stats and skins on the same 4 weapons, one handed, heavy, rifle, and long. I am literally stopping to rant aloud about bad design choices when I go to play this game mid mission, or coming over to type an upset forum post, instead of playing the game. This feels like the bargain bin effort from UBI, so much of the game has been chopped out or made lame. I agree with all the OP's assertions, and have more of my own. I would like the stealth more if it didn't feel half *** implemented. Why can't Arno shift smoothly around corners he has taken cover on? Why can't he come more smoothly off cover, especially like through doorways? Why can't whistle, tap a wall with his blade or a rock, or something other than use a consumable that frequently doesn't work right in order to attract a guard? Also why is the same button for sticking to cover the one used to roll away in a fight, I have died a few times because I wanted to roll away and glued to cover instead. This is so pathetic, you guys can do better.

With combat, give me back my options. I don't feel like combat became harder because the AI is smarter or the countering tighter, I feel it the AI is cheap, and often I am fighting the camera boss against enemies out of frame. I feel like it is harder because the Assassin's forgot like 60% of their techniques that they knew since Black Flag. This is not good. I don't want to feel like some AC cosplayer who is unskilled and out of his depth, I want to be a kick *** assassin who has built upon the techniques passed down since Altair. The one good thing is the 1:1 of Paris. Literally everything else is bad; the combat, the stealth, the massive and unnecessary crowds of NPC who repeat every 3rd one and are doing little but milling about. Its like your priorities were make a virtual tour of Paris, but forgot to make a compelling AC game. Also several choices, like money scarcity, and not being able to loot ammo at all from kills, feel like they are meant to set up the microtransactions, which honestly have no place in a full price game. I will autoboycott that **** from now on. I haven't finished the story, it has been difficult working past my own disappointment with the game, but I am not hearing much flattering in that department either, I think there are a couple of threads on the board about hating the ending. This is such a bad deviation from what was achieved with Black Flag, and I was hopeful from Black Flag because I thought AC3 was weak as well. Please get it together Ubi, I usually love your games, I am a long time fan of Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, AC and Far Cry, but all this year you have been terrible, first with Watch Dogs and now this. I think I understand why Jade Raymond left now. I had Far Cry 4 on preorder, but I cancelled that, I won't be picking up FC4 until I know its good, you guys have burned me too much for me to have faith.

11-15-2014, 05:34 PM
If we could understand the motives behind it but I against its beyond us, oh yeah screw that my bad, its money grabbing company now, the new ea games, giving least effort with the best outcomes. Its sad becuase a lot of the employers there are working their *** off with the art and trying to do their best while the all the main managers are just money hungry.
Probably thats the biggest problem, no passion. They could have at least implemented old mechanics that worked into the new game. Now knowing that even the ending sucks, theres no point even touching the game.
Oh well... Asta Lavista Baby.

Pr0metheus 1962
11-15-2014, 06:27 PM
Regarding the combat, I think it sucks that you can get an enemy on the ground, but you can't finish him off there until you get a ridiculously expensive "ground execution" skill. So I have to stand there like a fricken idiot while this guy just gets up and dusts himself off, then we can start fighting again. It's ludicrous. Heck, you don't even need to be trained as an assassin to have the skill of stabbing someone who's laying on the ground - a fricken child could do it, but apparently Arno can't, not until he has Master Assassin skills.

Pr0metheus 1962
11-15-2014, 07:15 PM
And another thing: whatever happened to the depth of the Templar philosophy? In previous games, the Templars have made it very clear that they want a better world based on control of humanity's base impulses. Where did that go? 'Cos I don't see any trace of it in this game. It's not even mentioned as far as I've seen so far, and the Templars seem to just be a bunch of thugs trying to stir things up in the pursuit of power.

This game even lacks the fundamental philosophical basis of the series. I thought AC3 was bad in this regard, but this game makes AC3 look like a masterpiece of deep philosophical thinking.

11-15-2014, 07:25 PM
I miss kill chains they where fun.