View Full Version : AC unity weapon selection awkward and stable 60+fps

11-15-2014, 01:37 PM
For those of us that prefer a gamepad for these type of games is fine:
However the weapon selection is awful its really awkward to use I cant select my sword even though its equipped what was wrong with the old way I really preferred the ACR weapon wheels ,
Also why no controller customisations menu some ppl prefer their own button maps.
plus I've managed to get it beyond a steady 66 fps ( I Know) oc my gtx780 180gpu mem clock 248 MSI afterburner oc i7 4930k (again I know) @ 4.1ghz turned textures to high vsync off FXAA rest ultra
that seems better at the moment.
It also doesn't help that DX11 API only has 10,000 draw calls I bet my left nut this game wants 40,000 - 50,000 draw calls hence a bottle neck between API and game stutter graphic errors etc etc maybe DX12 will solve this issue in 3 years we will run it at max and the gpu will be smiling while playing a movie.
But I must say the game does look fantastic beautiful scenery maybe another year in dev would have helped?
Maybe if these game company's weren't so interested in money well nuff said.
900 million pc gamers only 240 million consoles players and we get the port huh.

anyway back to it.