View Full Version : AC Black Flag on Xbox One: How to change GUI language?

11-15-2014, 01:29 PM
Background: I prefer to play games in English which is not an easy task with an Xbox One in Germany, as for Kinect and the Xbox Store I need to set the console to region Germany and then I can't select a different GUI language than German, like I could on Xbox 360.

That's why I imported a US version of AC Black Flag in the hope that only English and maybe Spanish and Chinese locs would be on the disc. But unfortunately after installation of the game and applying a compulsory 2.3 GB patch the whole game is in German.

While I found settings in the options to switch the audio language and the subtitle language to other languages (e.g. English), I did not find an option to change the GUI language.

Can anybody please point me to the corresponding setting?