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11-15-2014, 01:23 PM
Ok, I just bought unity today, and started to play.

my computer setup is:

Q9450 quad core OC to 3.6Ghz
GTX 770 OC Version

and quess what???

F*king everything...

First time, even in main manu I can feel great lag on the mouse.
After start, cinematics was going on High setting and FHD quite ok with beautifull graphics, but first controll of the game, was with huge mouse lagging... FPS was on quite low values around 20 but stable... tahn first battle moves, fcking feeled like a drunked man, no way, I played more seconds, and than I was chasing the assasins..... Than Stutter, mouse laged, than camera swinged around 90, stucked into the wall, than rotating back for chasing the assasin, than run, now again stuttering, mouse drop me 180 around, and again and again and again.....

Most epic mouse feedback I ever saw in the games!!!!! :-D

Just guys try to move with your mouse slowly in circle and look how it works in the game.... Camera in the game just chaoticaly turns in f*king whatever it is... just same nonsence error impulses....

even comunication between keyboard is lagged... If I will push butten, it takes years than person will do my order...

Also good thing is when i run, And I need to slightly turn with mouse.... No f*king sensitivity, ... also sometimes i need to stop or turn and he run forward :-D many of those glitches, all those lags support unplayability!!!!

doesnt matter what I will do with resolution or details, just a small difference....

Ubisoft selling corrupted product, and I really want a refund !!!! Cuz I am mostly disapointed of buying this.... I am pretty sure, that their behaviour could be with colison of law, and if they will dont do anything with it, I am pretty sure, that somebody will judge them .....

sry for wastefull thread, but what the hell is this???

11-16-2014, 06:42 PM
Hey UBI, scre u my god....

I bought today:

I7 4790K 4.Ghz -4.4Ghz CPU with 16GB DDR3 Ram
- saved my old GTX 770 with 3GB Vram

and quess what???


WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok to be more specific.

input lag of mouse and keyboard almost disapeared (it shows on great CPU requirements - propably some software controll instead of raw input)
but still not playable on 1080p in any cases, even lower details.... I must play 900p with antialising (i hate smooth fog textures, but its better than low FPS)

BUT what i really dont understand, MICRO SUTTERING is still here... sometimes there comes halfsecond drops, which fck mouse aim as I descriebed upper.

I had tried many drivers etc but no effect !!!!

As you can see, I can hardly buy better CPU on the market, same as with guite ok mid-High range graphic cards... Now I build completely new PC and problems still here.....


11-17-2014, 01:33 AM
Sorry you are having problems - there is something in your setup causing this. I have the same system with the exception of an Nvidia 780Ti and have never experienced stuttering although it is an issue for many users. I run maxed out and have very good frame rate with the latest Nvidia driver. What did Ubi support say about the problem?

Good luck.