View Full Version : Reloaded BlackFlag

11-15-2014, 12:22 PM
Waiting on Unity to sort there crap out & I re loaded BlagFlag in the mean while. I just have to say WOW, graphics, menu interface, yes it is 1080p on my PS4. Is way better then Unity IMO.

Ubisoft, why the step backward? Did Jade Raymond left because of how you have decided to release this game in poor quality?... I would have. This is not PC community, you know the hardware in advance, PS4... to have release this Unity crap on your beloved fans as such as it stand will, and only hurts your reputation and future release.

Can't even hold your beloved 30 "Cinematic" FPS...("sarcasm")

Who gives a F* about 5000 NPC's, cut it down to say 3500 if stresses less the CPU, Simple fix... Who is in charge of Quality at Ubisoft? Really? Hope you fired him....