View Full Version : Screw Costumes, I Like Unity Gear Akin to Brotherhood Customization

Yoshack Fyre84
11-15-2014, 12:16 PM
One of the great things about AC Brotherhood were the different levels of armour that you could get. Complete a set of armour and you look good, but you could upgrade to the next set of armour slowly. So eventually you were wearing next level boots with an older pair of gloves and an even older chest piece. Each change of armour customized your look it was cool. Now in AC Unity you have all these different armour choices, and each one provides different bonuses and visual representation. I think my character looks pretty cool at the moment even though he's wearing clashing armour of different levels. I'm not far in the game and haven't earned much money. I put most of my money into a good weapon after chest collecting before doing the first main mission. I like being able to customize the armour, each with different looks rather than having a standard costume for each character. Brotherhood did that right, and Unity has improved upon it. It will be best in co-op play early on when every one chooses something different. In a few months though each player will have so much money they will all buy the best armour and everyone will look the same.