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11-15-2014, 08:59 AM
can anyone help me please? i just bought the game and i tried installing it but everytime i try running it it says that it cant be run since its not compatible for windows or its not compatible to x64. please help. huge fan of assassin's creed here

11-15-2014, 09:13 AM
What is your OS?

11-15-2014, 09:59 AM
Reinstall it again, del. the old install and good luck to you.


11-15-2014, 10:57 AM
What is your OS?

running on windows 7 home premium

11-15-2014, 11:00 AM
running on windows 7 home premium

They mean which bit-version, I believe. 32-bit, or 64-bit? ACU was announced as being incompatible with 32-bit operating systems.

11-15-2014, 11:12 AM
running on windows 7 home premium
I'm also usin Win 7 Home Prem SP1 but it is 64 bits and I could install the game without any problems and could start the game with no problems, so I think you are runnin 32 bits Win 7 Home Prem.

I installed the game from the 5 DVD:s (have the Guillotine Edition).

Edit: You can read here: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/937186-Assassin-s-Creed-Unity-Minimum-amp-Recommended-PC-Requirements

Edit 2: Win 7 32 bit can only use about 3,5 to 4GB of RAM memory, (Win 7 64 bits Home Prem can use max 16GB of RAM, I have 16GB RAM) if read you read in the link: the minimum RAM memory is 6GB.

11-16-2014, 06:08 AM
Okay so i finally installed it after several downlaod attempts because for some reason it isnt downloading completely. Now i am faced with another problem. I can seem to play the game itself. I am stuck on the very first part. Its ust loading.