View Full Version : Well I'm loveing Unity!

11-15-2014, 04:48 AM
I finally got ACU today on PS4 and after some time with it, I can say I am loving this game! :) Now I have noticed some of the bugs people have been going on about. The FPS has been okay up until the infamous assassin's hide out puzzle. There was a great deal of stuttering there unfortunately, but once I left that area the game stabilized mostly. I should note I am playing offline since many players have noted better performance offline.

Now for the things I like so far. I can't say I like the game as a whole yet as I am barely past the part where I become an Assassin.

I have to say this game looks amazing considering the technical hiccups. Once Ubisoft fixes the fps issues and stuttering in places and pop in visually this game will be immaculate (in my opinion.)

So far I am really enjoying the parkour in this game. it takes a bit to get used to but over all I am liking it. :)

I like the character customization options with the range of skills and gear choices.

So far I don't hate the story. I think Arno is likeable enough even if he is a bit of what we have seen before.

I really love that this game takes place in Paris, though that is more of a personal bonus than anything else. XD

The stealth needs some work but I am glad it is in the game. It is good enough to not be a game killer for me though sometimes I feel guards can see when when it doesn't make sense. Regardless I am gearing my Arno up to be uber stealthy. XD

And lastly(so far) the combat! I love the combat! I love that you actually have to time your counters instead of spamming the "o" button until something happens. (Arno goes through a parry animation every time you press it so be careful. :D

Things I don't like so far are

I am not a fan of the micro transaction aspects of this game. ( I can get used to it but I would rather Ubisoft steered away from this in future AC games.)

Even though the bugs aren't bothering me all that much, I can't say that I am a fan. I am glad Ubisoft is working on a fix for most of them. Honestly the FPS dips are my main concern though playing offline they aren't NEARLY as bad as I was expecting. Still FIX IT. Please and thank you. :)

I really don't like that some chests require and app to open.

And lastly (so far) I kinda wish that there was a hunting feature in this game. (once again personal preference, not really a big deal.) It may not fit in well to some and I can see why but it was a feature I really loved in the previous AC games.

Over all, I am truly loving ACU! If Ubisoft can fix the glaring bugs, this will definitely be on my personal top favorites list if not my favorite. Thank you for reading everyone and I hope some more players are finding some enjoyment in this game. The bugs really shouldn't have been a thing though, but eh things happen.