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11-15-2014, 04:05 AM
I just finished 100% Completion on Assassin's Creed Rogue. Transitioning between jobs and not having school again until Monday, Rogue is all I've been doing for the past few days (with a little bit of Unity in between). I have a very mixed bag of feelings about the game. I'm actually kind of sad because I think Assassin's Creed Rogue is ultimately wasted potential. In fact, I'm going to borrow something from Hope Jensen because I think I know what she was talking about.

"A pity, the game has so much potential, but so little development time."

Rogue's strongest point is its narrative/characters.

What a great idea! An Assassin who finds himself in disagreement with his superiors, questioning what the Assassins are doing, deciding to take matters into his own hands and ends up joining the Templars. It was a much needed breath of fresh air, especially for me, because I've always wanted to see the Templar's side of the story. And Shay is a great protagonist. He's playful yet professional. He's brash, but he does what he believes is right. He's the one who takes a step back to reflect upon what the Assassins are doing and decide if it's truly the right thing. And he's original. He doesn't conform to the cliché of the hero who fights the bad guys because they killed his parent(s). And he isn't some cold-blooded killer hell-bent on extracting revenge like they portray him in the trailers. His journey isn't even one of revenge, it's a journey guided by principle. He's not fighting the Assassins because they "betrayed" him. He's not out to kill Achilles because of the mission he sent him on. He's trying to stop the Assassins, his former family, because what they're doing is wrong. And he doesn't want to, either, he shows a lot of remorse. I grew really fond of him at the end when he convinced Haytham to spare Achilles. I remember back when everyone was expecting Shay to be the biggest *******; turns out he's actually a great character. It's sad that we see so little of him and that he probably won't get a sequel, he really deserves one.

Rogue's greatest flaw is its lack of innovation and meaningful content.

Preface: Normally I would call this laziness, but from what I've heard, this game had an extremely short development cycle, so I don't blame the developers.

This game has a total of six sequences. And you thought Revelations and Brotherhood were short. The story is great, but there is so little of it; I desperately wish there was more. Another thing, if you've seen the trailers, you probably thought/think that you're going to have some epic Assassin boss battles. Nope. Adewale gets taken out from around a corner, Liam falls to his death, and you don't even fight Achilles. The soundtrack is lacking, the only memorable bits were maybe the violin/cello pieces. Then you have the core gameplay. Sadly, 90% of this game consists of recycled assets from AC3 and AC4. Shay is basically Edward, with maybe three new killing animations? Even the sea shanties were recycled, which didn't make sense to me. I hated to be reminded that I was essentially playing a Black Flag DLC. Seriously, we're freezing our asses over here in northern Canada, why the hell are you singing about sailing down to Trinidad to see Sally Brown (even though that's one of my favorite songs)? New York is bleh, the River Valley is also kind of bleh, I liked the North Atlantic but felt that it lacked the charm of the Caribbean. Now here's the part about Black Flag that frustrated me. Despite a borderline CoD-length campaign, this game has around the same amount of side-content as Black Flag, even though it had [arguably] half the story-length. And the majority of this side content is the mindless collecting of trinkets. This I really disliked. The majority of my time with this game was spent grinding to obtain all these collectibles. I don't think I had this problem in Black Flag because it was longer, but also because it flowed better. The story was designed in a way where by the end of it you ended up exploring pretty much all of the map, and there were hiatus in the narrative where it felt like you should be collecting exploring. James Kidd: Come see me at Tulum in two weeks. Blackbeard: Meet me outside Charles-Towne in a month. Bartholomew Roberts: Come to these coordinates when you're ready. From what I played, Rogue didn't really have any of this, because by the time I was near the end of the game, the River Valley was untouched.

And this is why I am sad about Rogue. It didn't have to be released this year. Wanting to conclude the American saga on the same generation or whatever excuse Ubisoft gave is ********. It easily could've been released next year, or Ubisoft could've switched the schedule for Unity and Rogue. It was a great, refreshing idea, it could've been a really great game. Instead, it was rushed and half-assed, poorly executed. And despite my deepest hopes, I don't think we'll see another iteration of AC similar to Rogue.

11-15-2014, 04:16 AM
I think Rogue is a much-much better game than Unity and deserves to be ported to eighth generation consoles. It also deserves to have Expansions to its story added like the Bonfire of the Vanities and Siege of the Sforzas for AC2.

I think that would be an AWESOME use of Ubisoft's time.

11-15-2014, 04:30 AM
Don't take Adewale out using stealth, makes him a huge pain in the but to bring down and makes for a decent battle. Same for the Native assassin don't use the puckle gun fight him straight up, he will drop you fast.

11-15-2014, 02:41 PM
I think Rogue is a much-much better game than Unity and deserves to be ported to eighth generation consoles. It also deserves to have Expansions to its story added like the Bonfire of the Vanities and Siege of the Sforzas for AC2.

I think that would be an AWESOME use of Ubisoft's time.

Agreed. But have they said if Rogue is even getting any DLC? If not, I might just trade it in now and pick up the PC/Next Gen version later.

11-15-2014, 03:43 PM
I don't know but Ubisoft has a habit of shifting gears suddenly depending on fan reaction.

So far, Rogue is getting a lot of approval.

11-15-2014, 05:30 PM
And that's saying something, given Rogue's quality and development time. Here's to hoping for maybe an AC Rogue Redux next year for current gen consoles.

11-15-2014, 05:39 PM
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11-18-2014, 04:52 AM
What's an interesting time period for Portugal? The Age of Colonialism?

11-18-2014, 06:00 AM
Has anyone started replaying AC3 to see how Rogue has affected your perspective on the characters? I sold my PS3 so I can't play either 3 or Rogue, but I think it would be interesting to see how different Achilles or Haytham seem.