View Full Version : Unity XBOXONE Bug loading sequence

11-14-2014, 10:21 PM
Good evening fans of Assassin's creed Unity I have a big issue on XBOX ONE, let me explain.
I bought the game this morning at "Zappos" when inserting the disc into the console, the system asked me an update of 1GB that I accepted.
After 12% installation the game is ready to launch it but a crash occurs after loading the main menu. I waited 1 hour and he always displayed "search ADDITIONAL content."
Since I could not run the game I uninstalled and reinstalled immediately.
I could finally start the game normally, but between sequences it appears to me very long loading ..
Current Expemple I'm just after the stepfather arno's murder and this is since 1 hour installing it shows me .... I am has 11% after one hour ...
This is really annoying and I feel that this will feed me very quickly especially since I did take two excellent game bug-free (BF 4 and Forza Horizon2) to buy me Assassin's Unity with the season's pass ...
So is this normal or the game also has a bug when install ....