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11-14-2014, 08:20 PM
From the Official Thread:

"As previously reported on the Assassin’s Creed Live Updates Blog, our team is furiously working to resolve bugs and performance issues for Assassin’s Creed Unity on all platforms. On PC, some media outlets have misinterpreted a forum post indicating that we were working on resolving issues that were AMD-specific. We apologize for any confusion and want to be clear that we are working with all of our hardware partners to address known issues that exist across various PC configurations. We care deeply about a smooth and enjoyable Assassin’s Creed experience and we will continue to update customers as these issues are fixed via the AC Live Updates Blog."


If you cared so deeply, you wouldn't have launched the game broken and unoptimized. Enough of the BS. How about making sure the game is finished before it launches? Put in the time and resources for proper QA and optimization instead of coming on here with damage control BS. This is pathetic. Customers pay for a complete and working product, not some half finished garbage. Keep screwing your customers and you will find that you won't have many left. Almost every Ubisoft game is a disaster at launch. If you want to avoid the backlash, you should correct the issues with how you operate your company and start treating your customers with respect.

11-14-2014, 08:46 PM
Sadly. I have to agree. I was an ubisoft fanboy since POP, and I always hyped all of their games to my friends, but now I am ashamed. How could an AAA company throw out such a broken game. The only revolutionary thing in that is the beautiful Paris, so I see that the art and modelling team was doing their best, but the tech team not even ****ed us, but them too. I cant see anything from that scenery in 10fps and ps1 like textures when it is nearly 10cm away from my face, and just after rendering to normal.(Before you ask, I tried in any settings with all resulotions, the results are always the same).
But even with great optimization, the story falls way behind from any AC games. Arno is like a poor copy of Ezio, who want his revenge surrounded by a cliché story, which gives little to no explanation why he does things. AC3 story was bad, but far more better than this. At least ac3 had the soul , what an AC game has.
I think I am gonna play Black Flag again for another year, and waiting for Ubi to get itself in shape.
I will never preorder any game from them again.