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11-14-2014, 08:08 PM
So,i got the game last night.I played around 3 hours right then,and another 3 today.I just finishd sequence 4(along with some side missions).But,what i feel is that i proceed to quickly.The missions,although big enough,are usually 2 or 3 per sequence.I just don't want to finish the main stry of a game i have been waiting for 8 months...Anyway,these are my early impressions:

First of all,the controls still feel a little bit clumsy and especially the stealth and parkour controls(-)

The 3 core pillars
All three core pillars have been improved greatly.Parkour feels quite different,with grwat animations and nice flow(+),but the parkour down is not as epic as advertised(-).Combat is great.I have died SO MANY TIMES!!!When you fight 3-4 or more guards,you are definetely in trouble!(+).Finally,stealth is improved,but not as much as i hoped.Enemies sometimes spot you too easily and other times too hard(-).But,the addition of stealth mode is good,and overral,you can play stealthily,if you want(+).I have only played two blackboxes so far,but though not great,they are surely nominated for the best assassinations of the franchise(+).Great mission design,although the mod missions seem too muchforced IMO(-).

Paris is HUGE,DIVERSE AND ALIVE.Best AC city by far!(and yet i have only explored half of it).PERIOD! (+)
Side missions
Paris stories:I have played 4 of them.They seem bigger than assassination contracts and the narrative gives me a reason to be motivated enough.Nice so far,though i don't know if they are going to become repetitive(+)
Murder mysteries:.I have played 1 and it actually was interesting.Again,i have to wait and see how repetitive they are(+).I would like though to be able to kill the suspect :p
Nostradamus enigmas:I tried one and i couldn't solve the riddle,so...

I tried one heist and i failed.It was too difficult and i didn't cooperate well with my partner.I really liked it though,because there was some small narrative and it consisted of 3 acts(+).I haven't been introduced to brotherhood missions,though.But,i was dissapointed about the fact that all the coop missions are thrown to you at sequence 3,regardless of the actual date.This spoiled me about something(-)

Finally,i think that there is ambient music,though there are certainly some epic tracks during the misssions.(+)also,i cannot comment on the story,as i i have not finished it yet.ait is interesting though(+).Customisation is fun(+),but i could not say the same about the skills(-).They felt narrowed IMO.

Overral,despite the flaws,ACU seems like the perfect AC and it has the potential to dethrone ACB ,as my favourite AC.I truly cannot uderstand if i am playing the same game as the critics' and they disappointed fans'(I am not counting the trolls and haters).I am playing on PS4 and i have not noticed any major problem.

11-14-2014, 08:35 PM
Love the post. The city truly is amazing. The 1:1 scale makes a huge difference. I don't find the controls that clunky. They have said it would feel weird for older AC players to get used to compared to new players actually. The only thing I could complain about honestly is the no corner transition which will obviously be in the next release.

11-14-2014, 08:41 PM
It's a good idea to play side missions and co-op. Unlike previous games, the line between "major" and "minor" missions is very blurry. There are some very important characters who are introduced in these missions. Also, you'll find the Nostradamus riddles easier if you do more side content, because those missions are going to send you all over the map opening up database info. Some riddle locations have huge glyphs on them, visible with Eagle Vision, so if you flick that on and off fairly often you'll sometimes see an answer before you've even read its clue!

Most riddle solutions involve a poetic reading of information that's in the database (especially under Locations). Sometimes a new character in the story is the key to understanding a clue as well.

[ETA] About not moving forward too quickly - I strongly recommend developing the Café Theatre and opening your Clubs as quickly as possible, and clearing chests, upgrading Locksmith skill, etc. Upgrading will also unlock the capacity of the Café's "bank", and the income from the club buildings makes a big difference.

11-14-2014, 08:45 PM
Not to mention they're incredibly fun! I love the murder mysteries. The way they work as little stories you can come and go from really makes the side missions better.

11-14-2014, 08:54 PM
So glad to hear it! Oh man! Just a couple more hours and this game will be MINE! :D I am glad Ubisoft is fixing the bugs but I have to say that while I would be slightly disappointed, if I had to play through with some of the bugs, I would still likely get past it just for the sake of PARIS! ACK can't wait!! XD