View Full Version : Way over the reccomended specs and it still stutters

11-14-2014, 07:07 PM
I know i'm not telling some amazing news since many people are complaining, but, seriously, that's the first time i have an issue with a game with my actual system.
I'm running the game on an i7-3970X CPU with 16 Gigs or RAM and a EVGA Dual Classified GTX 780Ti at 1900x1200, which is pretty much overkill for anything but Crysis 3, yet AC Unity stutters like nuts at Ultra. I had to remove V-Sync and use Adaptive V-Sync (which, quite frankly, sucks, since the game gets tearing all over the place) from the NVidia control panel to even make the game playable.
It's Black Flag all over again, with the big difference that you can't use D3DOverride to fix the issues this time around, because the program won't work on 64-bit software.
I'm really frustrated, i've been preordering all AC games this far, but if Ubi doesn't fix this broken thing next time will be the first time i won't. A game that runs like this on a high spec system isn't acceptable anymore, especially when an external software like d3doverrider could fix similar issues with the previous games, proving that the issue is in coding. I understand the difficulties in handling a variety of different PC configurations, but when a AAA game company can't properly manage V-Sync and triple buffering in a game despite THE VERY SAME ISSUES being addressed by players in the previous games of the series, there's something wrong.