View Full Version : Installation ACU = Bug ACIV BF

11-14-2014, 06:01 PM
Hi, For the initiates during the installation of ACU i look the reward avatar and other and i see a avatar who need to have 100% of synchronization of ACIV BF........

I launch ACIV (because i'm already at 100%) and so...... My keyboard and my mouse are blocked on ACIV !

When i arrive to the screen who say "Press a key to continue" i can't continue because my mouse and keyboard are not activate !

I can only do "Alt + Tab" or "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" !

I repare the game, and it's all OK

I can't play to ACIV BF !

Sorry for my bad english i'm French

If you have a solution without formate the game "i'll take it'