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11-14-2014, 04:45 PM
Hello Guys!

I got my copy of AC Unity today! I have patched it... updated my drivers... de-fraged the game and finally played around for 2 hours. Before I go any further, these are my specs and the settings I am playing on -

Intel i7 3630QM 3.3Ghz
Nvidia GTX 660m 2GB DDR5
Laptop - Asus ROG G75VW

Settings -
Res 1280x720
Environment - High
Textures - High
Shadows - Low
Ambient Occ(Whatever) - Off
Anti Aliasing - FXAA
V sync - Off
Bloom - On
FPS 27-31 (dropping during cut scenes)

This is coming from a guy who is a fan of AC franchise, an architect and who loves history. I m not smart enough to understand the logic behind the golden number 60 fps... If its playable for me... I am a happy guy. I am happier coz my GPU is below the minimum requirement and is still able to run the game well.

I have played every single AC game ever released on PC including AC liberation and excluding the DLCs. My fav, like everyone else is AC 2. I did not like AC4BF as an assassins creed's game. It was a lot of fun... but for me it was not an AC game. If was a good pirate game. I have recently played shadow of mordor on my PC... It did remind me a lot of AC.

- The game looks amazing! Even though I run it on 720p on a full HD screen, AC Unity is a treat to the eyes! I have only explored the area around the Notre dame and the details are just amazing. As I read in a review somewhere, its like a painting.
- The combat is harder and fun too. It will take some time getting used to it. I have still not got used to it and have died a couple of times. The combat in the previous titles was too easy.
- The parkour! Its amazing as well with great animations. Again it will take sometime to getting used to the controls. Its important to map the controls on the key board properly so as to make it easier. I have mapped the parkour down key to left Alt, which for me has worked.
- Seamless interiors! The fact that you can enter a building, a sewer etc nd come out is excellent. The interiors are beautifully rendered!
- NPCs detailing. The detailing of NPC's is amazing(not graphically). Its cool how npcs go on about ther business. Some of them bathing near the water fountains, some begging, some burning an effigy in protest... some stocking and hiding food... if u pay attention, its amazing!
- Companion App. I know that there has been a lot of disagreement over forcing player to use the companion app. Its a personal choice. I personally like it a lot. I can finally read the database on my mobile, and not on the PC while the game is running. The whole 3D map is cool too. It also adds AC brotherhood type missions in the app. So its cool, for me.

- Its not polished. The animations of combat and parkour are choppy at times.
- The pop ups. NPCs pop up out of nowhere in front of ur eyes! Its distracting and spoils immersion.
- Clipping while parkour! There are minor clipping while parkouring.
- Frame rate drops during the cuts cenes. Its a shame coz the cut scenes are rendered beautifully! Elise looks gorgeous!
- Too many NPCs... In some areas I felt that the NPC's were too many in number... They could have reduced it a bit... would have helped the performance too. Infact there shud have been an option to adjust the amount of NPC's in game. Would of provided a lot more flexibility in performance.
- Textures... some textures on NPCs dont load well.... which causes the NPC standing just beside u to look like a low poly model.

I am yet to encounter any major bugs. I m glad that Ubisoft is being responsible abt the buggy game they have released and is working on the patches.
I will keep updating my experience here as I progress in the game! So far so good!

11-16-2014, 02:55 PM
I am done with my second main assassination... and have played about 10 hours... I have been roaming around Paris and doing some side quests... Here are some more points I I think of... Btw, I have patched my game to 1.2.0

- Lag during cut scenes drastically reduced, but still present.... The cut scenes, as i said, are spectacular!
- Murder Mysteries!! The murder mysteries are simply amazing. There is no hand holding or spoon feeding there... U have to work ur way around the mysteries using the clues! And more over they r tied to legends in history!
- New Assassination contracts (Paris Stories).... This time around, The contracts are well scripted in terms of back story and open ended when it comes to assassinations. No more pigeon letters and a the name of the target.
- Cafe Theater - The place is beautiful, Its amazing how u can make Arno sip coffee while enjoying the performances on the stage. The upgrades are well worth it... and the missions are non repetitive and enjoyable.
- Combat. I die every time I face more than 4 guards. STEALTH FTW!
- Parkour. I have noticed that, after getting used to the controls, parkour is a treat. Its all about pressing and releasing the prakour up & parkour down at the right times!
- The Districts! I have visited around 4 districts now... Each district is a city within a city! They are very varied, from architecture to the clothes of NPCs to the stuff they do. The social hierarchy is cleary visible in each district very clearly.
- Lighting. The lighting is amazing!! I like roaming around Paris at night. Its breath taking!
- AI is improved! AI is not as dumb as in previous games anymore... but a little dumbness remains though. :p
- I just walk around the streets looking at the NPCs and the buildings and the surroundings most of the time. (Its something I do in every AC game, AC4BF dint offer much in this department though). Because Paris is beautiful!

- No more selecting different types of weapons. You can not select hidden blade or fists anymore... Hidden blade is activated only during stealth kills automatically.
- Pop ups r still present after the patch.
- Crowd events are very repetitive! Every one minute there is a thief running around or criminals to be killed or bullies to be scared. Very repetitive!
- Initiates! Its a shame that connecting to initiatesbrings up a broweser in the middle of a gameand kills immersion. Sadly, Its needed to unlock the assassins outfits of ezio, altair, connor etc.
- Clipping and NPC twerking! Its annoying to see NPCs walk in the air and suddenly fall down to ground... Some of the clip to the wall and twerk in a weird way... I hope these things will be patched soon.
- FPS drop in certain areas. Intrestingly, its not the crowds which drop the FPS... Its just some areas in the game which affect my FPS even though they are empty streets. Its not annoying though. It dsnt drop below 25.

I know that many people have been experiencing a lot of problems on their rigs. But, personally I dont have any major complaints. I LOVE the game!
So far, luckily, I have not encountered any crashes or freezes anywhere in the game. Apart from the above mentioned CONS... The game has been smooth for me.

11-16-2014, 03:07 PM
Could someone tell me why do I only have 12 fps with even slightly better GPU? (Radeon HD 7790)

My CPU is Athlon II X2 250


11-16-2014, 05:55 PM
Could someone tell me why do I only have 12 fps with even slightly better GPU? (Radeon HD 7790)

My CPU is Athlon II X2 250


Ur CPU I believe is below minimum requirements....
Try disabling the programmes running in the background... I recommend u use Razor Game Booster.... It closes all the apps running in the background on PC nd improves performance... Also Defrag the game using Razor Game booster
And playing with UPlay Offline helps I heard...