View Full Version : Open letter to Ubisoft -dissapointed no hatred

11-14-2014, 12:13 PM
First for a personal reason i did not pre order but i was looking forward after Black flag made me fall in love with AC .
I do understand bugs and i do understand your not proud of bringing an unfinished product on the market .
I feel so sorry for the Devs that worked so hard to get another master piece out but some suits to the gamble and failed ..
Suits did not only damaged Ubisoft as a trade mark but also did made Ubisoft loose value on the market !
If i was an investor i would demand the suits in charge to be fired !
Calling Ubisoft the new EA is not aimed at the EA today they are building on the road again , i want Ubisoft to do the same , i want MY Ubisoft back to glory !
Its time for a change you did get a slap on the wrist ,next time it might be the ...Guillotine...
Start with trusting your fans as we can take a few bugs but dont hid the truth ,it will come back and cut your stock value ....

Iam not filled with hate just disappointment.
Ubi you can be so much better ,control your suits as they obvious dont give a damn about the brand they did a suicidal move just to get it out unfinished to keep stockholders happy
But now the truth is stocks went down ..
So who takes the fall , who is gonna keep them on a leech before they do another dumb move ???

Ubi my dear Ubi i want to be proud of you , please reform to the Ubisoft we all can adore and be proud of.
I do trust this can be done if you see the light ,customers satisfaction is the key to glory and cash ..

So please join a positive Pro Ubisoft movement helping to get rid of the people that cheated us and hurt Ubi !
We might be sad but will we go the road off hate and destruction or show we do really care ???
For the love of great games defend our franchises !

11-14-2014, 02:33 PM
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