View Full Version : AMD Users: Update drivers to the 14.11.1 Beta if you havent. Be sure its done fully.

11-14-2014, 08:01 AM
Earlier today I was experiencing some serious FPS drops and just in-general annoyances with the game. I was lurking on the Steam forums and read a thread about the new AMD drivers that were released just before the game launched. I had updated them (so I thought) but someone had mentioned that even after applying them, they didn't update properly.

I went ahead and uninstalled/reinstalled them and now I've seen a somewhat significant improvement in performance. It's still got some issues (glitches and things that are more universal), but it clearly made a difference as I'm now able to play the game to an enjoyable extent (30 and up FPS). I was getting somewhat serious FPS drops regardless of settings, but now I'm able to push everything to high and maintaining performance. I imagine I can push it all the way to the highest, but Im not in the mood to benchmark until the patch is released. Its obviously the drivers as things that were lagging before (cutscenes/running/combat) are more fluid. It's by no means perfect, but the change was noticeable for me and I got in a good 90 minutes of solid gameplay without even bothering with my settings.

I cannot guarantee this will help you, but it did for me and I imagine not everyone correctly installed them as it seems to be an issue as someone else doing it wrong signaled to me that I did.

Here's a quick step by step to ensure you get the drivers installed correctly. I imagine a lot of my problems were caused by driver conflicts. I had never experienced that before with a driver update and from now on I will be doing it like this to ensure its correct always.

- Check what drivers you currently have installed. The easiest way to do that is if you have the Raptr app (http://raptr.com/download) installed (you should get it regardless). You just open that up and look on the upper left and it will tell you what drivers are installed. The other way to check is in Catalyst Control Center. Right click your desktop, open CCC, click Information, then Software. If it reads 14.11.1, you're fine. If it reads anything else (mine read 14.9 even after I thought I installed 14.11.1) you will want to continue with this.

- Download the 14.11.1 Beta Drivers for your OS from here (http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMDCatalyst14-11-1BetaWINReleaseNotes.aspx)

- Driver uninstallation can be tricky as you want to be sure you clean it out fully. The easiest way to do this is with a third party app as they tend to be more comprehensive. I used "Display Driver Uninstaller (http://www.wagnardmobile.com/DDU/)". It's freeware. Download the latest version, unzip it and fire it up. When you open it, it will ask if you want to boot into Safe Mode. I suggest doing this. Safe Mode will start as well as DDU. All you have to do is select the first button "Clean & Restart". It will then clear out your old drivers and reboot.

- The screen will be funky upon re-entering Windows. This is normal. The resolution will be wrong and things like that just like when you first installed a new GPU. Go to where you downloaded the new 14.11.1 drivers and install them. It will reinstall CCC and all of that and then when the process is finished restart the computer and then check to see if you have 14.11.1 installed via the first step listed.