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11-14-2014, 07:35 AM
Ok so I started playing ACU on release day, and so far I've had -some- issues with co-op, but overall it hasn't been horrendous for me. I also just adjusted DMZ settings to open my NAT, so that should make an improvement as well.

I have a few complaints to make though, one, we can't get most legendary items until these competitions start, yet we have no date, nor any info as to if you have to win to unlock, etc etc. This is kind of BS in my opinion, as I'm not huge on competition in AC, I wanted Unity for the co-op, and now I HAVE to compete (in whatever form) to unlock the best gear? What is this, WoW? Cmon Ubi, also I'm not big on joining/making huge crews/groups, usually I make one for myself and a small circle of friends, another wall to climb if winning is necessary.

Controls... the controls took some getting used to but eh, it is what it is, my only major complaint with this is the aiming, PLEASE let me swap my aim (LB) with crouch (LT)... holding LB for aiming is much more difficult and unnatural than LT.

More weapons please? Why is it there are only a few legendary or whatever you want to call them, weapons, there's no greatsword with maxed stats? Really? Just mini-halbred and that other thing (forgot), and there's ONE rifle, which is silver & gold, so it looks obnoxious imo. That's another thing, christ, when am I going to find a game that doesn't make the best weapons look like they would be in a fantasy museum that would never, in the slightest way be practical?

Lastly... UPLAY, WTF IS WRONG WITH UPLAY?! I haven't been able to launch Uplay PERIOD since Unity launch, nothing, at all, can't get any of the rewards... please fix this crap. (which I'm hoping that great axe I've seen is maxed, though I doubt it since it's not gold plated with rubies embedded in the head)

Of course there have been a range of annoying bugs/crashes, oh and one more note, sloppy sloppy, almost every pistol... the handle clips with heavy weapons... so... annoying...

ANYWAY, overall I'm loving Unity, but the game needs some tweaks for damn sure, just get on your **** Ubi, you're better than this...

11-14-2014, 03:42 PM
Hi and welcome to the forums, thank you for your feedback. For updates with issues with Uplay please keep an eye on this forum http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/514-Technical-amp-support-issues

11-14-2014, 04:34 PM

Uplay kind of works a bit now - wasn't able to log in for a good while :(

11-14-2014, 06:14 PM
You just have to be patient really. Everyones stats and whatnot from Uplay and Initiates are still there. It will just take some time for all of it to adjust. Play the SP in the meantime and when Uplay and Initiates finally work, allll of the stuff you did will upload and rewards galore =D