View Full Version : [SUGGESTION] mouse selecting in menu streamline

11-14-2014, 04:14 AM
I have a small suggestion that would make mouse navigation in the menus a bit less cumbersome.

Currently, when you move the mouse to a menu list item, and click to select it, all it does is move the selection highlight to that item.

So after clicking it, we need to wait for the list to scroll before having to click it again to actually open the sub menu.

What would streamline the process would be to open the submenu the first time we clicked on the menu item.
This would reduce the amount of mouse clicks by half and also speed up by not having to wait a second for the list to scroll to your selection.

I think the way it was designed was not taking the mouse into consideration, as gamepads just scroll through the list items in order anyway, there is no way to skip to different list items with a pad.

Could you please show a little love to the mouse/keyboard users and make this small change?

11-14-2014, 04:21 AM
More than likely, not gonna happen. Mostly because:

1. The game's a console port, so pretty much anything that wont help consoles as well wont happen, aside from (maybe) platform specific bug/performance fixes.
2. The UI is designed to be more flashy than intuitive, which is why there are so many menu's that could've been easily condensed. E.g. It taking 5 menu's to change my characters hood.
3. Ubisoft. Seriously they don't have a bad rep with the PC community for nothing, they've shown they don't really understand how computers work nor are they interested in them.

Personally, I say just use the keyboard arrow keys for menu navigation, it's a lot more hassle free. Sure it's annoying but it's better than having to click two different places every time you want to press a button.