View Full Version : I Thought the Complaints Might Be Exaggerated. Never Have I Been More Wrong.

11-14-2014, 04:11 AM
So, I preordered this game simply because I'm a fan of the AC series. I saw the complaints and, whilst some looked to be definitely valid, I thought maybe quite a few had a bit of hyperbole and exaggeration in them. Being in the UK, the game is only just unlocked for me, and, whilst I'm still downloading it, I have downloaded enough for it to be 'playable', apparently, and so have just therefore had my first experience playing it.

There is no exaggeration.

First of all, there is the problem with opening Uplay, which is necessary to download and launch the game, totally freezing my PC for anywhere between 20 and 90 seconds. This problem was happening before I downloaded Unity, but it has only been happening in the last week or so. Secondly, there is the problem that actually launching Unity also totally froze my PC, this time for a good 3-4 minutes. When it began to load, I got a half-second of the sound of the Ubisoft splash screen (but with the screen remaining resolutely blank) before this also froze my PC for another couple of minutes. However, with a bit of patience, I finally got to get to the stage of actually starting the game. Upon doing so, I started what I assume is some kind of prologue sequence taking place at the beginning of the 14th century. Very quickly, I noticed performance that wasn't particularly good and hit my first glitch - a cutscene where two Templars were talking whilst others were fighting Assassins around them with the fighters blithely passing through them as if they were ghosts.

Then something quite interesting happened. I decided to see how bad performance was if I whacked the graphics up to full. Upon doing so, following the established theme, this locked up my PC for about 3.5 minutes. When my PC unfroze, though, I got a message that Uplay had crashed, but the game was still running. Upon switching back to the game, I found the graphics were visibly better than they had been - but so was performance. Not only that, changing the graphics suddenly didn't cause my PC to freeze. I'm now wondering if some of the issues with this game aren't actually with this game, but with Uplay.

11-14-2014, 04:15 AM
Ubi servers and the website (I think) have been intermittently down and up for a little while... but I'm in the UK sunny Norfolk and been playing since yesterday morning and haven't had a problem so maybe it's regional or system or ISP or uplay ? but touch wood all good here

11-14-2014, 05:48 AM
Everything about this game is just a giant bugged mashed into another.

OP's post is bang on, also the complete lack of support for certain (highly used) resolutions meaning the game crashes without even starting unless you change from this res to a different one on your desktop.

1> the biggest and most laughable, i can run this on a 560ti 1 gb and get a steady 30fps on low-med, i then play it on my dual 780's and get dips below it.

2> falling through the world, getting stuck in objects i wasnt trying to climb on in the first place.

3> Random desync from combat, when im not in combat.

4> the animation, now i love Ubi's art department, but they have seriously screwed up on the tech side, i stab people 2 feet left of where they are in 99% of my kill moves.

5> the overabundance of useless traffic, there is not 5k people on screen at any given time, a few hundred maybe, and all they do is get in the way, NPC's dont even get hit by bullets when theres 50 of them between you and the guy shooting. where the other 4500 or so are i have no idea, the draw limit perhaps, doing nothing but clogging resources

6> the BROKEN stealth mechanics, im not even going into it, its horrid.

My biggest and most annoying complaint is the NEED for other programmes.

Companion app, ok this is not so bad, im not a fan of it, and quite frankly dont see the use of it, but if i want chests i HAVE to have it, and use it.
Initiates......... you ****ing serious? that "thing" has been in alpha for years, last time i saw it it had missions you could do for xp to rank up, connect your games ect for the same, it was missable and that was fine, now features of it are missing or still not developed at all, now you are FORCED to use it to unlock things, not only that but its STILL in alpha, still buggy and STILL doesn't work most of the time.
And between all these extra things, uplay wont sync to companions or initiates, and none of them seem to sync to any other one of them.

And of course, microtransactions, in a single player game, probably the one part that works without random bugs, i would like to say i don't care, but its pretty clear 10 studio's working on this game couldn't collectively do the job of one team from another company, they overhyped, overcharged, did everything in their power to hide the flaws, going so far as to embargo reviews, and only succeeded in perfectly pulling of one part of the game, the store to make more money.

Thankfully this is the last Ubi game i purchase till they get their **** together, or they go under and someone competent picks up the franchise, honestly dont even want to finish the story, and most likely won't, seems AC has turned into a cash grab they dont really care about, "technical masterpeice" was the target, technical flop was the outcome.

11-14-2014, 06:43 AM
Typical noob view of the gaming world.