View Full Version : Hello, i just bought rogue today and want to make a quick preview so far.

11-14-2014, 12:26 AM
Ive been playing it for about 3 hours now and have some things i wanted to share for a bit, ofcourse this is just one mans opinion but im a storywriter and a composer in the videogame industry so perhaps that helps a bit. Regardless, take it as a opinion if it offends anyone.

First off, ive never liked the abstergo parts, ive always mentally skipped them as i did not find them appealing. Since asassins creed black flag i found myself forced to sit in a cubicle in some skyliner, a way of life that would stress me out on day one so that really punched me in the face, but still i really loved the game's gameplay, there was a sense of serenity in it that i had only previously experienced in suikoden 4, wich also consists of boating around most of the time.

To find them in rogue again made me sigh, and that woman that came to warn me of disaster was emediately making me cringe HARD, especially when she started to nag and namecall me as i was calmly trying to just go with the flow and look around the room a bit to see what the creators had put in there, it made me want to quit already. But i sat through the pointless puzzles and whining of the narrated and gladfully went back into the game.

Since i am very bad at functioning when pressured ive always hated one feature in the assasins creed games wich is sync failing objectives, that actually made me quit playing assasins creed 3 at the first mission of adulthood because i could not for the life of me manage not to be seen in some obnoxiously small camp. If theres anything i truly resent its being told that you're pretty much a failure for not playing a game the way someone else wants you to. Perhaps thats a symptom of the trophies, i dont know.. but challenges are never fun when it makes you have to throw your own playstyle out of the window. Its a developers error imo.
I loved Asassins creed 2 btw, first AC i played, i hated brotherhood with a passion and sold it because of previously noted pet peeves. AC3 i quit early as described and i wont buy a playstation 4 so ill never play unity, but i doubt ill miss anything aside from great graphics.. although i just read that unity doesnt have the whole abstergo nonsense going on wich does appeal to me but ok.

Something i also cannot comprehend is how the map consists of 2398472938742 items already visible concerning their location, the hell is this supposed to make me do? Just collect every pixel? How is that gameplay, it wouldve been so much more sensible if items could only be uncovered by just threading upon them, you know.. like a actual explorer.
What a missed chance, and obnoxious aswell, as if Ubisoft tells me what to do, again.

I do hope that AC rogue doesnt pause the historical content too much to go back and forth into cubicle land, one thing i did notice is that its alot similar to AC3 for some reason, nature wise.. but i can ignore that by having a boat to crash into some sleeping seagulls.

Also my first acrobatic assasin action consisted of trying to sneak up on two guards sitting by a campfire on a island, i thought to kill them both by running inbetween them.
Instead i ended up running into the campfire, being set ablaze and kicking and slapping the guards down like a raging madman on absinth. Not very worthy of "achilles" praise obviously, but atleast it made me laugh out loud. I definately hope to do that alot (the laughing, not the being set ablaze).
I think this game is going to have to make it with such, or it will break for me like AC3. I swear, if i have to do even a single mission in wich even a monkey's pelt cannot see me i will have severe mental struggles to continue. Also beats me why all the weapons are already visible in the database, thats no fun.. i want to be suprised.

+ you sitting by the campfire with your friend, all calm and stuff and suddenly a guy runs into the campfire and slaps you down like a drunken kung fu wielding hermit. That guy was me.
+ blackflag vibes.
- AC3 nature vibes.
- Abstergo still exists and forces me to sit in a cubicle and be scolded at by some primal, leather jacket' just for taking my time to appreciate the environment.
- Better not be any "be seen by a alien satelite and you fail your mission" missions.
- Database spoils me emediately.

Thank you for reading and if you agree or disagree with me feel free to reply.