View Full Version : Is fraps lying to me? also, V-sync isnt working? also, eagle vision for better fps

11-13-2014, 01:33 PM
1) fraps is tellying me i am playing with around 28-30 fps in many cases yet i am positive that i am playing with a lot less. the game is chppy like i've never seen before and im sure it isnt over 25fps. no way. than how come fraps is claiming otherwise. sometimes fraps is saying 40 fps, but combat is choppy and really low FPS in spite of what fraps is saying...

i dot get it.

do you?

2) even if i set v-sync on withing the game i still get over the limited FPS.
what's that?

3) did u notice that in eagle vision you get a big FPS boost.... interesting.

im really sorry i bought this game.... should have waited for a patch and by then - a lower price.