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Elion xTEAMx
11-13-2014, 01:11 PM
Let me just start and say Unity is not all that bad , but its has a large step towards a downward spiral . A quality of games that Ubisoft does not usually deliver.
Remember that Ubisoft delivers one of the very best games in the world. They have a incredible pressure towards any new games they produce, being a old or a new IP.

The bad experience i had with the game , is a series of unlucky events. Starting with a stressed out UPS delivery man , who dumps a single disc on my door. And I had ordered the collector edition of the game. So well, thats my own problem to solve. Its just not a great start to waiting for the new Creed game.I am still missing the other half... And the ups guy dident even speak Norwegian, and I was even told my package would be delivered yesterday. So just from the start already, UPS might not bee the right way to deliver in Norway Ubisoft, they dont seeme to know what they are doing. And you guys wont see it before you get 500 customers in a country tired of bad service.

But well, I got my game. So I fire this game up and get ready to play and enjoy this game. I do not mind the big forums, wall posts and even memes already at place at launch for a game that launched the same day. I do not believe anything before I actually see it my self. The game installs and fires up quite fast. And then it starts. Even at the start of the game there is no glorious intro or to get me anything from hyped to introduced to whats happening.
In stead.... I am given a level select, with the names of all the missions to the last one staring back at me. I now know every mission name, and I know where the game ends.
And its served to me in a boring wall design. Its not an essential part... Its just not the same way with the sequences I got used to enjoying , it had great overview and such.
But well, i choose what i think is the first level and off i go.

Right of the start I must say the graphics did work well for me. I am playing on the Xbox one. But after a okay intro that should bee the first I see... I am thrown into another collection of problems. the framerate drops at once. And it varies throughout the first level. Already now i know its not a finished product, and I start understanding that this game is Ubisoft first major letdown to their fans. I get to the start, and i decide to pause the game looking for my usual cool collection of pre order items and unlock ables.
And here it starts getting confusing...

When a new creed game is on its way, you can usually get a lot of extra stuff by pre ordering and also getting the biggest edition. In this case its a unity app that lets you get stuff trough a game. Then there is a pre order program i think was okay, where if 3 more friends of you pre order the game to, you guys form a team by registering a code and the full team of 4 registered gets a bunch of extra DLC. No problem there.

But then you start looking trough the menu for the game, and it start getting messy .
The Uplay app contains a gigantic confusing menu with items to win in game by doing challenges or by the pre order program.
I can unlock boosts here from challenges in the game to. But not understanding why there is so much extra DLC , i suddenly see a E-Store.....

Even the word E-store makes me literally go "oh no...."
You can buy helix currency for real money in the game, and use them on time saving items , boosts and probarly soon even more dlc as i cant confirm... cause the Ubisoft server is in "error mode"....

The more i get into the game the more problems I am having. Technical stuff like framerate, dropping trough the world and the most funny ones ; a face in pieces , where the skeleton ,eyes and other stuff is spread out. Well they show ubisoft released a game not finished. Where the QA team where pushed for finished product way to early.
I am amazed Sony or Microsoft did not stop in their own tests...

There is more a statement in this post than a question. But I want to know what you other guys & girls think of the game form what I have said here, and what have experienced yourself...

Ubisoft, please read... Dont become EA, Do not let money be the focus of it all. We buy your games because you use to make good games.
This is a fun game, but its not good in its current state.

Clean up your Uplay, its confusing....
Put the E store in there if you want to gather DLC and such.
And do not feed us so much as once, its overwhelming. The sence of overview is gone.
And most importantly, let the QA team work in peace for the time they need.
They have a lot of games coming in one month, and its seems they have been spread thin for this round.

Heres a hope that you guys are listening.... Cause its not always a company see the problem along the line of delivery and returning comments of their game finished...

Elion xTEAMx
11-13-2014, 10:03 PM
I just had a patch , is there any patch notes somwhere ?

11-13-2014, 10:15 PM
The mission select isn't the actual game... maybe play a little more to see the rest of the game...

Elion xTEAMx
11-14-2014, 01:26 AM
The mission select isn't the actual game... maybe play a little more to see the rest of the game...

I played well past that, the first impression of the game was just really bad was the point.