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11-13-2014, 10:48 AM
I'm not one to ever write stuff like this, but I have to voice my concerns for this franchise after this horrible display of a game I just finished. I have been a fan of AC since day one and loved every game up to revelations. Even 3, wasn't bad. I just hate the direction of the franchise. The whole big picture was about the present. In unity, all we get is someone behind a screen at home with no connection? It has lost its roots and is progressively getting worse. Unity is glitchy, coop doesn't even work, navigating in this game is horrible, and overall, the last two games have been by far the worst games by date. The modern day story is what was the point of the game, and now i don't even know what the hell this is. Please. Please. Please. Fix this.

11-13-2014, 11:44 AM
Eh, I'm happy that they dropped Modern Day. It became ridiculous after AC:1. I'll happily take more of these time traveling rifts over another Desmond Saga.

Anyway, modern day aside, Unity is closest thing we've got to the series' roots. It's the truest successor to AC:1. No offense, but if Unity is what you call a bad direction and sequel, you don't know what the series' roots are.

11-13-2014, 05:26 PM
Assassination wise? Yea, they did structure this one a lot like AC1. That is true. If you were to go strictly off of the past, only play the historical part, then sure it's more like the first one. But the first one wasn't about altair. It was about his connection to the present fight. It was about helping out make assassins today with the whole conspiracy. I'm not even asking for a full game of modern day but at least leave me something other than rifts. It doesn't even have to be desmond. I don't care. By roots I mean the modern fight, think about it like this, to me, they are getting too caught up with the single storyline of one ancestor each game. They are just hopping time lines now to milk it while they can. We could have had 3 main assassins you followed throughout their life, became one through bleeding, and then the real story starts. I would much rather them focus on something like that. Something with direction instead of just blindly poking around centuries with almost no ties to the present. Just my opinion.