View Full Version : what happened to this game?

11-13-2014, 07:23 AM
So i just started playing this game storywise i am suprised positively suprised, but the game itself? no not at all it feels like a giant leap backwards i think this game is what revelations was, revelations was a boring dull game with a good story but nothing new to offer, the controls have gone backwards in this game gone is the fluidness of the old games it feels often like you aren't even controlling your character it feels like it's all set on rails when doing parkour, double assassinations are near impossible to do it's like chance it was so simple in the old games walk behind two guys have them get automatically highlighted and press thats all, and the parkour this is my biggest problem it feels like it's set on rails, remember when you climbed a wall and aimed with the mouse at a building you could simply jump too it? well here you are litterally locked too the wall you only have two options go to the top or to the bottom, or reach a roof or something to stand on you can't disconnect from the wall you have to climb it to get off it, and when you try to escape from the wall the character simply climbs down or up causing you to have to redo it all to get too your location, another thing that bothers me so much is again the controls black flag is where they were great you aimed and you shot simple right? well the old ways of the old games are back mixed with some weird thing of having to aim then being able to shoot after aiming as in not aiming with the weapon but with the mouse, i have yet to figure out how to use the pistol and what happened to the simple way of changing weapons backwards again?

Air assassinations are very frustrating aswell, remember the old ways of being ontop of an objective have it being highlighted when you move the mouse on it then simply press the trigger and bam air assassination, well here it's not at all like that here when you highlight the objective/enemy then press the trigger button you won't kill the enemy but instead your character decides to air assassinate some other random enemy on the other side which ofcourse ruins your cover, combat feels like assassins creed 1 it's not at all as fluid as for example black flag, sure bf was simple but i like simple you are an assassins i don't mind if you are overpowered it's fun but here it's like assassins creed 1 mixed with the new ways. in many ways this game feels like a game that was supposed to exist when revelations did only difference is the graphics i see this game as a game that could easily exist when revelations did it could have easily been revelations the water looks awful in this game it looked so amazing in bf and now it's flat and boring like the old games?

So far this game is frustrating, not to mention the constant dips to 30 fps on 780 ti' or the weird flicker of the entire game that randomely comes when it wants to, but yeah this game gives me dejavu serious dejavu and all i can think of that might be causing it is revelations.