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11-13-2014, 05:15 AM
I am one of those guys who liked Assassin's Creed III and still think Unity could have been a great game had they come up with a story with guts, honesty and sincere ambition to make the conflict into a gray area.

Now that the game is out, Unity's view of the Revolution especially in the Brotherhood missions is so over-the-top and hilariously one-sided that it's not even funny. Even actual right-wing historians are more fair. Figures like Robespierre and Marat are no saints nor should people ever think they are, but they deserve something better than outright vicious slander which is what they get here. In the game, all the bad things of the Revolution are the work of a few minority who make the people into their puppets while the saintly Assassins barring one bad apple, are peace-keepers and totally not implicated in the excesses at all. A single reading of the event knows that there are no purely good/purely bad figures in the Revolution.

Still, you know, I am not going to blame them entirely. Political revolutions like the French one are impossible to do objectively and I am not going to judge them on a standard on which most mass entertainment is found vaunting especially since political issues are something very few people can deal with in a fair and rational way in the media.

So in future, please avoid Revolutions. Stick to cultural eras. The Renaissance was awesome, lasted for 150 years, go there. The Crusades had religious fires to stroke, but at least in AC1 they did it in a smart way and avoided setting fires. And who doesn't like Pirates? They did those right so they should stick to artistic/scientific/cultural eras.

Go to the Elizabethan Era if you must. I'd upgrade by grid for that in new-gen to hang out with Marlowe and Shakespeare. For god's sakes, don't go to the Soviet Russia, go to 19th Century Russia, Dostoevsky not Trotsky.

11-13-2014, 05:35 AM
Completely agree, while revolutions make a great hook and sound like a great time period to mess around; Ubi hasn't done a good job representing both the American and French Revolutions. I would prefer they stay away from wars in general.