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11-13-2014, 05:13 AM
To answer my own question, damn right I do, I have been on the bandwagon of this series from day one.

But as I sit here today with the game fresh out in stores (Australia got it today) I find myself hesitating in the aftermath of the very real backlash this game has created. For the first time in AC history I haven't preordered or brought a copy straight away.

To be fair it didn't start with the reviews, it started with Watchdogs. I liked WD, I didn't play on to the marketing hype and was able to enjoy the title for what it was, but it was how Ubi conducted themselves that has made me cautious.
We saw it was downgraded, the PR head told us 100% that it wasn't.......we knew she was lying and in even in the face of irrefutable evidence she relented. Ubisoft themselves simply shut up shop communication wise as though ignoring the problem was going to fix everything. Throw in the lies of the female animations backflip and once again we saw a side of Ubi we didn't like.

Now as I look for a comment about Unity on console I only find official comment on PC and AMD.....but nothing on the same problems on console. It feels like you guys are shutting up shop once again. The feedback from people isn't just trolling, something is very wrong here.
Stocks are diving and consumer trust already led the way so I ask again.....do I want to play this game?

Give me something Ubi, I want to know that you guys have heard and are moving to fix all these problems before I risk being another unhappy customer from a franchise I love.

11-13-2014, 05:22 AM
if you're going to
just wait for their apologizes and a patch

or you just going to pay for being beta tester

11-13-2014, 05:25 AM
As a long-term fan of the game who has played everything except 1, Revelations, and Rogue, I will confidently say that this is the best Assassin's Creed that I've played. The best looking by a wide margin, certainly, and as far as gameplay it feels lightyears ahead of its predecessors. The glitches and whatnot are mentioned so often because they're easy to complain about- I personally have experienced one crash and a few framerate drops, but either have stopped noticing them or they've stopped being so noticeable. Only at one or two points in the first few hours of playing did the framerates become distracting, and since I haven't noticed any drops except in EXTREMELY dense areas.

I would absolutely recommend this game to a friend. I too was disappointed with Watch_Dogs, but I went into the game with something of a feeling that I was going to be disappointed (quickly, all of the gameplay that Ubi posted became sort of samey). I came into Unity with very, very, very high hopes and have not been disappointed yet.

11-13-2014, 05:48 AM
i love assassins creed,i have them all,its the only game i own on psp,and the only game i own on my vita that i didnt get free from psn. I have played and beaten every single AC game in turn, and have loved them all,flaws and all. Ive never not owned an AC game on day of launch,even if i had to buy hardware to play it. This is by far the prettiest AC thats ever existed,ive played the game for 16 hours according to my ps4, and ive enjoyed those hours. This years game doesnt grip me like the others did, the story is more one sided, very clearly black and white, lacking the gray areas that has made the series so amazing in the past, it also seems to be much much easier then any AC ive ever played before. In fairness after 5 years of playing the games, its become practiced skill, but even black flag seemed harder. I love Assassins creed, its my favorite game franchise, but id wait to buy it until a patch or two hits...the companion app is broken and makes it so you cant collect everything, initiates is broken and stopping you from getting even more things, the framerate drops, and falling through the world frustrate. I love unity, its not my favorite AC, but i do love it, but my ocd wont let me play it anymore until the app and initates are fixed, as well as a patch to fix the fps lag

11-13-2014, 05:56 AM
It would take a decent patch for me comeback and play Unity again, they already have several months internal testing and somehow they still didn't manage to fix things. I've spent more time playing Valkyria Chronicles for the PC and AC:Rogue than playing Unity. $60 dollars wasted.