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11-13-2014, 04:55 AM
Well before the release of game, I was thinking to make a topic on not running the game after the release with an optimistic approach .. so what if I cant run the game ..right ?

I need to upgrade my rig to play it in a nice style and graphic qualities ..

but then whats wrong in trying .. and so I did .. and it was worth trying

I have an
I7 3537U 2.0 to 3.0 Ghz
intel hd 4000 (integrated 2Gb)
Ram 8 Gb

Now after reading my graphic card, you d be saying i wont even be playing the older ac games .. but hey .. its not so dark here where i stand

Well, to be honest my heart raced when i clicked play. It went through, the game ran, on click the jack de molay mission

the game stopped running ..

I changed my resolution to 1024 768 and opn starting the game, it landed on the menu ... from where i can check all the settings ..

So i converted all things to low, got it back to default resolution and ran the game again on the same resolution, my graphics card is outdated, and should have crashed the game again but

it ran, i dont know what it was, it was too blurry and after 10 seconds it crashed again, after different trials and errors, i managed to keep playing the game for about an hour without any crash

the settings I selected were

Environmental Quality: Medium
Texture Quality: High
Shadow Quality: Low
Anti Aliasing: FXAA
Ambient Occlusion: SSAO
Vsync: OFF
and most importantly
Bloom: ON

After these settings it was a dream coming true .. for an outdated hd4000 card ... man ... I ll upgrade my whole rig next year .. but for now .. I guess I am very happy with the game running on my pc .. without any nvidia optimization ..

Also I found out there are some very prominent bugs in the game, and I hope Ubisoft will patch them up .. I also heard about an nvidia optimization patch for tesselation and other stuff which is not present in the game yet ..

And NightmareGK13 ...
your game will run fine considered your graphics card is already way too good than mine i suppose ..
Green Reaper
you are saved from rogue spoilers ..

Its the best AC I ever saw .. THank You Ubisoft ... for what its worth

11-13-2014, 03:33 PM
ahah you should have pm'd me so I would see this thread, it was a lucky shot opening it
congrats to you mate :D and I will see it when I get home

cheers mate ;)