View Full Version : DLC Assassin's Creed Unity - Dead King is not available on Uplay shop online

11-13-2014, 04:01 AM
G'day all,

While I'm downloading the Assassin's Creed Unity and the Season Pass and also I've unlock the additional extra mission content as well, I've click onto the DLC and I saw Assassin's Creed Unity - Dead King how come this is not available at the Uplay shop online when I couldn't buy it when it's still not available.

Any idea why.

11-13-2014, 04:42 AM
Its not released yet. You also will already own it once its out as you have the Season Pass.

11-13-2014, 05:59 AM
Thanks for the feedback Ben understood I was very worried and I thought I was going to get rip-off, and now I understand why.

Thank you.