View Full Version : Purchased collectors edition unity and limited edition rogue. Unisoft Devs

11-12-2014, 11:08 PM
Assassins Creed is hands down my favorite franchise of all time. I get excited for months before release reposting anything you guys put out. My wife knows the love for the game I have so always no matter what. She buys me the collectors editions since AC 2. Now Rogue obviously is playing fine. Enjoying it as always with one of your titles however, The clear as day memory leak that accours in Unity when you go to your 3D map or go threw any cutscene and or loading. Is just downright horrible. The game runs smooth for 12-15 seconds then major pauses frame rate drops, I'm just SO livid my wife spent over 300 dollars all together due to GS needing to ship a PC collectors edition to us. My wife even paid the insane cost to assure is have Unity on release day. Now I know you Devs must be as pissed and working your butts off patching and whoever in the higher ups there at Ubisoft that clearly pushed your release needs to be fired. I would of gladly sat and waited like watchdogs for a delayed release. What you sold us all is literally a unplayable game. I would start rolling hot fixes do NOT wait by bundling up another big patch! Two of my friends have already returned the game for a refund. I was so looking forward to playing coop with them. But as a loyal fan that has faith knowing this was a massive project I will hang in there. I STRESS this point though. Hot fix , hot fix , hot fix TODAY before we loose more of the community and the game gets anymore of a bad rap. Only 32% of people would recommend the game according to polls and that's dropping. Patch now with Hot fixes. You rushed the release. Do us all a favor and rush out the fixes as they are completed not make us wait another week or two for some 3-4-5 GB patch. This is BS you know it I know it the world knows it. Frickin give us fixes NOW!!!!