View Full Version : *** Story not makenig sense so far!!! *SPOILERS*

11-12-2014, 11:02 PM
Hi I've been through few hours into the game and the story just doesn't make sense!

>>So at first i'm playing with Templar, OK, we've seen that with Haytham before, no problem. Then assassins hack in and start informing me about them.
For a person setting behind a TV having never heard of assassins or Templars before, Assassins (at least by name) do not seem to be the good guys at all!!

All what was provided up to Graduation mission still doesn't make a case for the Assassins at all. So why am i joining relentlessly and not asking questions ???

>>Going on missions, up until the Elise's party. So Arno goes into all the trouble to sneak in only to quickly leave after a couple of words? what was he going to do, just leave?

>>Then he is imprisoned, OK, then what? no trial no seeing or hearing from Elise,? No anything what so ever?
What about the writings on the wall, we have seen that for a long time now (since early Desmond days as i can remember) i hope that they get explained.

>> Moving on, joining the Assasins,
How did he know to turn the medallion left? or do all clockworks turn left in France ?

i'm assuming that the old man in the prison sold him on it! so he drinks the magic drink and suddenly BAM, we are into Devil May Cry's world! Seriously ?? what was going on your mind when you created that!

>> Moving on again, going into the first mission. We kill someone, take a book (he was given a paper not a book), then it turns we've let someone, who is apparently a known character, go away. Sirvet! and Arno is very interested in him. Who the hell is he?? where did he come from?

So, have i been a sleep during the last 3 hours of gameplay or is the story just jumping round and cutting corners? are we in for a disappointment ?