View Full Version : Crash to desktop (CTD) universal fix

11-12-2014, 08:48 PM
Ubisoft's games tend to crash on release a lot, with almost every ubisoft's game on release it can be found here lots of threads about games crashing to desktop and unity is not an exception, unfortunately but, fortunately, there is universal fix which works to most of users but you have to be aware it is not 100% guaranteed it will work on your pc but is still worth to try. The fix is to permanently set game's executable to run as an administrator, here, in the bottom of page you can find this universal instruction described with a bit more details:

Some people prefer to watch this kind of fixes on youtube, personally i think it is dumb to watch this kind of things but if you like i could post such video on my youtube channel, vote if you want it.

That was sort of tradition that i was creating unofficial FAQ describing the most common problems and eventual fixes to them for every another ac game. This year i gave up because ac3 failure (aka: "devs are aware") made me to loose faith into anything what comes from ubisoft and they didn't even bothered to restore me as a customer in any way. Also i gave up on buying their games and their devilish pact with nvidia pulled me into decision to not buy nvidia's products, never ever, this is my personal boycott to both of these companies. Dear Ubisoft, please, burn in your Green hell.

I didn't buy this game, i'm not even interesting in pirating it. Ubisoft, this is how much you failed me, this series was one of my most favourite ones and now your turned it into something i do not bother in the slightest way.