View Full Version : Some Questions about AC Rogue (SPOILERS)

11-12-2014, 08:46 PM
1. how long is the main campaign? how many hours roughly?
2. how big is the world in comparison to black flag?
3. I know connor gets a mention in the game but does he make a cameo in any shape or form?
4. how different is new york in rogue compared to ac3?
5. is there as many side activities like black flag or is it lacking like revelations?
6. how is the story (without spoilers), where you would rank it with other ac games?
7. and lastly, how many assassination targets are there? my main problem with brotherhood was that there were only 4 targets, this is why I loved ac4 due to having so many targets and great open ended missions.


danglez benderz
11-12-2014, 10:28 PM
1. Depends on if you're taking in the side activities and ship battles at the same time while progressing through the campaign. But I would say it is similar in length to other AC games, despite having just 6 sequences, they are much longer than sequences in other games
2.Not entirely sure, have yet to see everything, but I would say its comparable in size it is hard to judge as there is more than one area.
3. I have not finished the game yet, but the only mention of Connor so far is a reference to achille's son Connor and then a reference to the fact his son died, but you never see him
4.New York looks similar, but it has cut down on a lot of the crap, a lot less filler area where you walk around for 2 kilometers with nothing there. There is also nore to do now here
5.Plenty of side activities
6.Probably one of the best stories in the franchise perhaps the best or 2nd best, but the modern day part of the story is meh.
7.There are quite a few. Many more than 4, of course this time you stop assassins.