View Full Version : Advanced graphics options way too limited and not thought-through.

11-12-2014, 06:27 PM
Wel hello there,
Dear UbiSoft, as a fellow developer and friendly tweaker i'd like to reach out with some honest advice.

Your graphics settings options menu is a mess.

I'll provide just two points to proof my point;
1: While one can disable bloom, there is no access to the much-more-heavy DoF settings.
2: Anisotropy level can NOT be set
3: nor ANY level of physics/particles can be directly adjusted.

Thanks to these three major flaws in your advanced graphics options, your "advanced graphics" screen simply isn't advanced.

DoF and Anisotropy would allow us to disable the most (performance-wise) unwanted vs aesthetic option in able to play this game properly.
I am on a first-generation 4k-monitor, and as such, my resolution choice is limited to this resolution and 800x600.
Your choice to forcefully have DoF activated renders a whole lot of mid-range pc's or high-end-resolution-users unable to play this game (and also forced you to lower output resolution PS4 and Xbox, while on the subject) on a true level of quality in exchange for a bit of visual gimmick which actually should only fit legitimate cutscenes if you ask ANY proper animation-rendering artist(pre-rendered!).

This is a selfish and even a unprofessional decision.
I hope and trust you can see the error in this and will provide a patch wherein these options -will- be exposed,
In any other event I request you (and I want to do this publicly as I feel it's my right, thanks to your choice of limitation) to contact me (and any other users in the exact same position) directly in order for a full refund.
I have 'played' the game (in this barely playable state) less then an hour and this game is not worth:
- your company title
- our money
- the fans
- our time
- your lack of professionality in guaranteeing this situation would not be so.

Though, just for the heck of comparison I also tried to run the game on my 1080p television, only to find out three r9-290x still have major issues in displaying the game at 60fps on high settings. (Which isn't even to blame to CrossFire which seemed to scale quite fine on the 4k resolution but only for a rough 60-70% on 1080p)

Also, your game relies heavily on my primary thread, maxing it out on a continuous 85%+ usage while i have 7 other threads (or nearly 3 full physical cores) doing JACK SQUAT on a frequency of 4,75Ghz (It's an i7-3820). Going back to stock frequency will render all my in-game input just as laggy as if i was trying to swim in a bathtub of syrup (in how slow everything responds.)

In the event that your game runs worse then The Witcher 2 would on the same resolution with Ultra Settings and UberSampling, you have made a grave performance error.
Yours sincerely,
I (and probably many) concerned enthousiasts.

However, if you would prefer to keep this as 'your way of doing things' I strongly suggest to make a Demo available, so we can actually test beforehand if it's worth our money or if we'd only pay for something we can't play after all just because of a lack of experience on your end. I wish i could hand it another reason, but It's the only sensible reason I can think of...

Edit; I must correct myself, total in-game time was little over two hours because i also wanted to update my AMD drivers before running the game again to form this opinion.