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11-12-2014, 05:25 PM
I'm not a professional game reviewer by any means but I've played my share of games from the NES days to now (Man I'm getting old) but figured I'd throw a few thoughts together for people thinking about buying Unity and don't necessarily trust/count on official review pages. I'm running Unity on the Ps4, Destiny Edition which was purchased a few days after Destiny Release, so the Ps4 itself doesn't have too many hours on it (I mention this only for a frame of reference later when I address FPS issues that many have)

First and foremost, setting and graphics. The architecture and textures are really well done, there's depth to the stone work, not just climbing a stone colored wall, actually seems like brick, mortar and stone which is nice. The stained glass windows and flying buttresses of Notre Dame, gargoyles that you use to pull yourself up are done very well. The urban setting feels a bit narrow, which brings me back to the old days of stalking the streets of Jerusalem and Acre. It does offer a nice change of pace from the wide open feeling of the Carribean (just felt a bit too open for my personal tastes) but for me the sweet spot of the series was with Connor in the Revolution where you had a mix of open and urban which transitioned during a mission. But again that's my own personal view, not everyone will think that.

The streets are another matter and Paris is CROWDED. I mean, it is during a revolution and all, so unruly mobs are to be expected. It adds another element to the game which is interesting, easier crowd blending, more options. Frustrating when traveling from point A to point B and having to shove your way through the mob but it does make sense. The other thing I noticed was the rooftops themselves. It's weird and hard to describe but they are more rounded and more... Realistic I guess. Less of a flat, square platform feel and more natural which adds to the sensation of a somewhat more modern era. The building interiors are done exceptionally well. Instead of just a quick run through a hallway you now have actual homes and places to enter and explore. Run through the ground floor, up the stairs past shocked people and out the balcony on the second floor, etc.

The assassination missions being more open and "Sandbox" was another nice surprise. I mean you still have the secondary objectives (Kill 3 enemies while in hiding) sort of thing but the option of stealing a set of keys to unlock a door and come at your target through the roof, or infiltrate a hidden entrance and come at him from a hidden alcove adds a new sense of "I'm the assassin, I'll do this how I'd like" sort of feel which is a nice change of pace

FPS issues are in the game. However the severity I've experienced them versus some reports I've read are not nearly as bad. I haven't seen the FPS drop during combat or gameplay, primarily just during a few cut scenes. Granted I'm not all THAT far into the game so maybe it will develop a bit more later on, that remains to be seen. I will say however that it's the first game I've been playing and have heard my PS4 fan go into overdrive cooling mode, so perhaps those with first release PS4's and the like may want to grab a can of air and dust out the cooling ports just in case. My biggest issue so far has been during wall climbs and descents where I suddenly find myself falling through the bottom of the map. Doesn't happen often, but not exactly a random occurrence either.

The addition of a fast decent option when free running is a god send. No more hanging from a ledge and carefully working your way back down the building. Now just press a button and you free run down the building the same way you run up. This in itself makes the game worth it to me. I admit to having died/taken a large health hit in previous AC games just by being impatient and jumping from a higher point rather then climb back down a building.

The customization of the character is nice. Different hoods, different coats, boots and belts that all offer differing advantages. Health, stealth, eagle vision range, ammo capacity etc. It's nice to be able to make Arno in your own way as opposed to preset outfits. This was necessary due to the Co-Op component perhaps. Don't necessarily want 2-4 people all running around identical in every aspect.

All in all the game feels much the same as the previous titles, key components are involved, synchronization, side missions, random street events (Tackle the thief, save the helpless citizen) Detective missions were a shock and a lovely added surprise. If anyone here has played the Arkham series of Batman games it feels somewhat similar. Eagle vision becoming a cool down activation power instead of the always on/off god vision it was previously was an interesting change.

The actual ability to crouch and sneak around adds a bit more immersion as well. Something I never thought of much in the previous games but now a most welcome feature when it's added

However, some changes were made that I didn't necessarily care for (again just personal opinion) First and foremost being the "unlocking of powers". Ones that stood out to me the most were the forward roll from a high jump and blending into a crowd on the bench. I mean, those were things you could do from Assassins Creed 1 and you could automatically do them from the start of the game. To suddenly have them as an unlock before you can use them might throw some long time players of the franchise.

Combat as well seems a little slower. Granted the combat system needed an overhaul in my opinion, just a tad too easy. Most of my combat in Black Flag and previous installments would revolve around jumping into the middle of 5 enemies, waiting until I could parry then insta-killing everyone in quick succession by chaining the attacks. Yes it was fun, but it didn't really offer a challenge. The new combat is a bit more challenging, Arno swings much slower and it feels as if there's impact and resistance from his sword strikes as opposed to the other assassins flurry of stabs and sword slashes. This takes some getting used at first but really does make the thought of combat a bit more problematic. No longer can I just wade through the enemies and have everything turn out OK, getting into combat with multiple enemies now becomes something to really question. However, one major thing I have still been trying to wrap my head around is the new shooting mechanic that the enemies have. It's a much more modern time and most enemies, even if they don't use them at the beginning of battle, do have access to pistols. However, in the past games it just required some good timing and situational awareness to press X, grab an enemy and use them as a human shield. This is not an option and instead you have to dodge to avoid the shots (Maybe it's an unlock, or maybe you get the ability later? I honestly don't know) But this is something that has gotten me killed quite a number of times so far simply because I'm so used to grabbing a human shield. Again, a minor change that I'll have to adjust too, but could throw a number of Assassin Creed veterans off for awhile.

Lockpicking of chests is a nice addition as well, however I wish it wasn't so much a skill you unlock and upgrade as it was just a mini-game you could play, more along the lines of the way Thief or even Skyrim did it.

I haven't had an opportunity to test out the Co-op just yet. Waiting on my usual gaming friends to get bored of Call of Duty and finally getting around to Assassin's Creed but it does look promising.

I don't own a device where I can utilize the companion app so that will be ignored (Hope those don't count for the trophies, no multiplayer means I might be able to platinum this game lol). Hopefully my Unity profile updates one day so I'm no longer level one (Used to play it quite a bit so hopefully my stats didn't all reset)

But all in all I find it a pretty decent game so far. It's mainly just a bit of a shift from the previous installments and the "way things used to be" that I'm finding it hard to work around.

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I honestly wrote it to be ambiguous and not really go into specifics of storyline, more of game mechanics but if a spoiler tag is necessary so be it.

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I honestly wrote it to be ambiguous and not really go into specifics of storyline, more of game mechanics but if a spoiler tag is necessary so be it.

Just to be on the safe side in case subsequent posts are spoilerish

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Just to be on the safe side in case subsequent posts are spoilerish

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