View Full Version : Unity on Xbox One - Bugs I'm encountering

11-12-2014, 04:51 PM
First of all, love the game. It's very well done and engaging so far.

However there are a few issues I've been encountering and am wondering if anyone else is getting these. I have noticed that some of these were mentioned in reviews as well.

1 - Chapter Achievements aren't unlocking. I'm at chapter 4 now and I've only gotten the achievement for the prologue and the one for disabling alarm bells

2 - uPlay/ACInitiates - It appears that the initiates site isn't populating my data properly. I've completed all the games except for Liberation HD (I played Liberation on the Vita, silly me) and am missing a ton of data. I did see that this appears to be a common problem in another thread.

3 - uPlay Reward unlocks are not appearing in the game or on the Companion App. (equipment or that free Nomad Assassin)

4 - Random, hostile NPC's just popping up in thin air.

5 - Situations where Arno will either no longer move or will no longer be able to attack.

6 - The framerate climbing the front of Notre-Dame de Paris.. oh god that framerate...