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11-12-2014, 11:37 AM
Yes, another one of these because I have no where else to go at this point and Ubisoft is completely uselss and when I pre-order a game I expect a damm good service since the publisher knows about my order a month ahead of time. Specially when I have spent a lot of money. My money on it.

I'm writing this in hopes that someone at ubisoft or anyone can contact them to say the Europeans and the UK still haven't had their oders leave the god damn wearhouse. Yes I am frutrated since I can quite confidently say I will not be playing when the game releases here. I know it isn't just me so this will be damn hard to miss on ubi's part. But the is no reason why we should be treated any less than anyother country where they have their game in the mail and on the way.

I've posted three support messages only get one reply which basicly saying what I already knew my game has not left the wearhouse It can not be tracked. So depsite being fully aware they didn't chase this up thinking it is a little odd that my order, a game that will be out Friday that needs to leave land cross over water and enter my local postal service has not moved. Some how the cretin at Ubisupport managed to miss the point I was making. Get in contact with the courier and ask why my order has not left yet. Not telling me what I can find on my order history.

I have ordered from many different game retailers and even the ones in the UK and out of the UK send out the game 5 days before the game is released since they compensate for the time it will be in the post or if it is coming outside of my country. Specially around this time of year when people are ordering a lot for the Christmas season. The postal service is flooded. So Ubi what good is it with my game sitting in a damn wearhouse? You should know better I have had this order down since early October.

Am I not valued as a customer? You going to force me to wait over the weekend? Maybe I'll get the game next wednesday because that's how it looks.

Classic Ubisoft.

11-12-2014, 01:18 PM
bumping the thread. This needs an answer.

11-12-2014, 01:23 PM
iam sorry for you lad but noone will answer you ehre. the mods are lost since the game released on monday and we cant help you about that problem. all you can do is contact the site where you bought it

11-12-2014, 01:33 PM
I've ordered the last 3 Assassins Creed games from ubisoft and even watchdogs. I've always had an email saying its been sent out over a week before release date and I've always received the games at least 3 days before release date. I even AC4 two week before release as I got it on PS4, the best thing was I hadn't even collected my PS4 as it wasn't out at the time. I have no problem receiving on release date, but if its not sent today I don't see me getting it this week. I could have gone to an actual store at midnight to get the game but I wanted the guillotine edition as I've collected all the other top editions and didn't want to miss out on this one.

Please can someone tell us what's going on???

11-12-2014, 01:41 PM
Ubisoft support must be full of spackers since they only give you information you can find out for yourself by checking your order history. It is like they are trying to annoy you. So they pushing me close to the edge. One of ****ers pretty much told me it was in process which I know already. I'm not a 52 year old gran mother. I can work a god damn computer.

So this is what I replied with "Not to be rude but wouldn't it make sense to get in contact with the courier? A lot of people are reporting the same thing and when my pre-order was put in back in early Octobber you should of been able to send the game on time. I doubt I will get what I paid for and since this is Ubisoft I doubt the will be weekend delivery?

So rather than give me the same answer that I may add is completely irrelevant. I can check the order history for myself and see my order is in process. I didn't need you to tell me that. My original question was "when will it be dispatched?" Not "is it dispatched?" Once more I can find that the order is in process. I check my order history often since I've been waiting for it go out.

My point is that the game is set to be released on Friday in the UK. The package is currently in Luxembourg. You are leaving one day from it to go from Luxembourg to England not counting it needs to get to my home.

It is basic logic to know that leaving one day at this point it will not get here on time. The whole concept of pre-ordering and why people do it is to get the thing they want on day of release. Not after release on the day.

May I suggest getting in contact with the courier to send my order out instead of leaving it to them since they seem pretty incapable of doing their job.

Apologies for being rude but I expected a better service and not someone avoiding my questions."