View Full Version : Game stuck on loading after becoming an Assassin - Unable to verify game files

11-12-2014, 09:33 AM
So I was happily playing along, no major problems or anything, eager to try some co-op as soon as it became available. I went and met the fellow, became initiated in the Brotherhood after the fever dream sequence and then...

Black screen with a loading indicator in the top right corner. Nothing. Went and made coffee. Came back, a progress bar in the lower middle of the screen about 1/3rd full but not moving. Went and played with the cat. 15 minutes later. No change.

Quit out of the game, restarted. Loading picked up in that exact spot, black screen, loading indicator, progress bar, not moving.

Went to verify game files, "Failed to verify game files. Try re-installing the game and if the problem persists, contact Ubisoft Support". Instantly, not even trying to connect. Looking at my network, a connection is briefly made to Amazon EC2 which I assume is where Ubi is hosted, but not for nearly long enough to actually attempt to verify game files.

What gives? I have no desire to delete the game and re-download almost 50GB, especially if this is an unrelated problem and the game file verification service is just unavailable at the moment. Please advise.

/ IK.