View Full Version : [MAJOR SPOILERS] X should have been the protagonist of ACU [ALL THE SPOILERS]

11-12-2014, 08:59 AM
Pierre Bellec.

Even though there is hate on his accent, he is actually a character that would fit in this time period. All Arno resembles to me is a mix of Ezio and Edward. I actually felt more for Bellecs death then for Elise's. Bellec was the only character that had any depth emotionally for me.

Besides that it's obvious what Ubisoft is trying to do. It's trying to change AC into something that can spam once a year without having complicated huge story arcs etc. It's prepping it for the mass of gamers, instead of keeping that core vibe of MD etc. I don't know whoever wrote the main story of ACU, but please be a sweetheart and don't do it again, it was bad. I don't know if Darby or Cory had anything to do with the main story but if they had, I'm actually disappointed. You knew how this game and its fans used to be, and doing a total 180 switch is NOT cool. Storywise Unity is worthy of a DLC and Rogue is worthy of a full game. Funny, eh?