View Full Version : de la Serre and Mirabeau (Spoilers)

11-12-2014, 03:30 AM
Anyone notice that everything that goes wring in this game is because the two faction leaders were just utterly rude and incompetent with the rest of the cast? If Mirabeau and de la Serre had simply practiced better people skills, France might still be a monarchy and everyone might still be alive. :p

Except for Germain, who did it because he was a half-mad reincarnation of a millenia dead superscientist. But otherwise, yes, the whole plot revolves around them being massive jerks. Does this seem right to anyone else, or am I simplifying it?

11-12-2014, 05:01 AM
I think Mirabeau and Francois de la Serre were nice characters and their main fault was in not getting behind the popular movement and assuming that because they control the elite the rest will follow. It was a wrong assumption and a lot of people, in history and in the game, paid for that.

The problem in the game is that it puts the blame for all the excesses on some bad apples, it clearly tells us that X here Y there and Z behind him is Bad, go and kill Red Dot on Mini-Map because you, French Bruce Wayne, are absolutely pure and good. You don't feel implicated that you have to sacrifice your principles or that you are paying for your choices.

Arno basically stumbles around like an idiot moping for how awesome my life as a rich kid was before these stupid easily manipulated peasants started complaining for their rights and food.