View Full Version : UPlay username in HUD?

11-12-2014, 03:13 AM
Above the health bar section in the HUD, upper left hand corner, it is showing my UPlayer username. WTH is this crap? Is anyone else seeing this or is this a tech glitch I should be reporting? I could MAYBE see Arno's name showing up here, although that would be annoying an unnecessary. Ubisoft, in their wisdom, has given me the option to turn off the "player widget" which deactivates EVERYTHING in the upper left hand corner, including the health bar. So my options are remove 25% of the HUD or stare at my, frankly, lame username for hours.

This seems somewhat pointless and I have to assume this is a glitch. Does anyone know how to fix this?

11-12-2014, 06:19 AM
Not a glitch to report. I agree: it's very annoying. Seeing "All.Names.Taken" cover 1/8 the screen kind of ruins the immersion a little. They did this in Black Flag or AC3, maybe both... don't remember, but it's not new.

11-12-2014, 08:01 AM
Nope, not a glitch. This is a single player game masquerading as an MMO. Because of the online features, they needed names for us. Therefore, instead of actually ASKING us what we wanted to be called, they just took our UPlay account name.. cuz you know, that totally makes sense. Ugh.

11-12-2014, 06:40 PM
Wow, that's horrifying. That's for the responses though. Guess I'll just try to ignore that and hope whoever decided that forcing me to stare at my stupid username without giving me the option to turn it off gets fired and replaced by someone slightly LESS of an idiot.

11-12-2014, 06:50 PM
You can change your uPlay name to something different if you don't like what you currently have.

Log in, go to your profile, click the edit button next to your uPlay name.

It doesn't sync to all games instantly, takes a couple of days, but it will eventually sync!