View Full Version : Dont worry guys. The system requirements are BS.

11-12-2014, 02:40 AM
So i was worried all this time the game would be unplayable. Turns out even on my aging i7 920 3.4, 770 4gb its very very playable. Had to lower some options but i dont care. Game plays well. Only thing is cutscene framerate is a little low but i hear that will be fixed with 1.20.

11-12-2014, 02:47 AM
yeah .. just saw a video running unity on gtx460 .. with low setting .. but with a powerful 4.3ghz i7 ..

depends how your system is going to manage hardware for it ..

i hope good results can be seen

11-12-2014, 02:57 AM
How much does the GHz matter? Because mines @2.80GHz ....

11-12-2014, 02:58 AM
yeah, they're most definitely bullsht. nvidia probably paid ubisoft to intentionally inflate the spec requirements so they could sell more 900 series gpu's.....pathetic.

that said, the game is still pretty demanding if you plan on using ultra settings.

getting a solid 30 fps (locked) at all times with all ultra settings minus AA (fxaa) at 1200p (1920x1200).


crossfire HD 7970GHz @1100/1500

i5 2500k @ 4.7GHz

8gb RAM

win 7 64

11-12-2014, 03:03 AM
How much does the GHz matter? Because mines @2.80GHz ....

thats kind of a good one .. but it will bottleneck your performance .. i also have the same tho ..

they told earlier that .. to process the crowd and AI and the enormous amout of permutations involved with it ... a high level cpu is required .. and a lower cpu kind of bottlenecks the performance .. this is why many of the low level cpu players are having problem .. and gpu size do not matter ... in the last post .. gtx460 i mentioned is of 1GB only ...

that gives me some hope .. but still i cant bet on it ..

11-12-2014, 03:35 AM
The prologue ran great for me, smooth as butter at over 60fps. However, its not really a great indication of how the game runs performance wise. Wait until after the prologue, when you unlock Paris. The amount of NPC's and stuff on screen is pretty staggering. I got frequent dips down to 40fps, so I've capped the framerate there.

Specs: 2500k @ 4.5ghz, 780 SLI.

Still have no idea where the 1.2 patch is.