View Full Version : Assassins Creed set in Feudal Japan, could it work?

11-12-2014, 01:28 AM
I know what your thinking another guy asking for a Assassins Creed game to be set in Feudal Japan, just think about it, how fresh and new would it be and how much potential could it have, mostly everything would be different from the architecture to the people to the culture.

You also have China, India and Egypt for a potential Ac setting instead of getting the same old Europe and America all over again. Why not try something different, to me Ac Unity and Rogue didn't surprised me as much as it did with Ac1, Ac2 and Ac4 it felt like it tried to be like the rest and not that unique in it's own way, also i was disappointed with the lack of music in Ac Unity.

With a Ac game released far into next gen where everything from the stealth, gameplay, graphics, mechanics and the engine has already been improved upon to high standards, then all we need is Feudal Japan the homeland to Ninja's and Samurais.

Not much is known about the true story about the Ninja Assassins and the Samurai's in Japan and here's your opportunity, a game taking place in this time period would push stealth to the limits and would involve a lot creativity, preparation and skill in how you would take out your target.

There aren't much games set accurately in Feudal Japan either, instead it's mostly fantasy and the Tenchu games are long gone soon to be forgotten. With a game set in a unique time period where you would obtain newer fans and reach out too a broader audience, then there would be no reason to not do this.

The popularity of this would also explode all you need to do is release it at the right moment so that you'd be the first to do it in a long time and make the setting in the right time period where the Assassins would fit in.

11-12-2014, 01:30 AM
Of course it would work.